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You Better Bring It!
Season 1, Episode 1
Episode Information
No. in Season 1
No. in Series 1
Air Date March 5, 2014
Location Chattanooga, Tennessee
Competition Name/Host Ladies of Excellence
# of viewers (in millions) 1.01
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Battle in Memphis

"You Better Bring It!" is the first episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on March 5th, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls dance team prepares to compete against a fierce rival in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Head coach, Dianna, forbids several dancers from participating in the event after less-than-perfect performances at rehearsal and team captain, Kayla, struggles with the added pressure of performing a solo. Meanwhile, Rittany, one of the dancers' moms, butts heads with Dianna and threatens to pull her daughter from the team.


This week's competition is in Chattanooga, Tennessee to compete against the Ladies of Excellence. There is Stand Battle and the Captain's Showdown, which Kayla is competing in.

Practice begins with Dianna kicking Selena out of the studio while she is speaking with her daughter, Sunjai. Kayla is given her first solo as Captain, which she struggles with during practice. She worries about proving herself as this is her first solo. Next, the team moves onto Stand Battle practice.

During practice, the mothers plan to ask Dianna to allow them inside the Dollhouse. They send in Mimi, however, she retreats out the door before she can ask. Dianna comes outside to confront the parents, telling them practice is closed indefinitely and that they are being too noisy.

Dianna decides to have cuts for Stand Battle and picks out Crystianna beforehand to remind her that she needs to work harder. Sunjai is cut from stands, upsetting Selena. Selena starts tapping on the window to get Sunjai's attention which the other mothers warn her against. Rittany starts arguing with Selena as she feels that Selena cannot see when Sunjai messes up because Selena doesn't know much about the dances.

Later on, Rittany becomes frustrated at how late practice is running, entering the studio and telling Dianna to "wrap it up!". Dianna gets the girls to say together "We hear you Rittany!", and thus Rittany steps back outside.

The day before the competition, Dianna and Kayla are in the studio to practice Kayla's solo. Dianna notices that Kayla is not as confident as she usually is. Kayla gets emotional about all the pressure she is under as the Captain of the team. Dianna feels sympathetic but tells Kayla that she has confidence in her ability.

On the day of the competition, the Dolls and parents get on the bus to the competition but they notice that Rittany has not shown up, but Crystianna is there. The team arrives at the competition and Kayla's Captain's Showdown is first. Dianna gives Kayla a pep talk before she goes on stage. Kayla's solo goes well although some of the technical aspects Kayla fails on. After her performance, Tina comes to congratulate Kayla. Crystianna worries and asks Mimi to call Rittany. They don't manage to reach her so they leave her a voicemail.

Dianna gets angry at one of the girls wearing pink lip gloss and tells her to take it off. Eventually, Rittany shows up and starts arguing with Dianna, telling her how upset Crystianna has been while Rittany was gone. Dianna says Rittany is displaying bad parenting which upsets Rittany. Soon after this, Dianna kicks Rittany out of the dressing room.

Stand Battle is next and the Dolls are battling the Ladies of Excellence. At the awards ceremony, Kayla wins the Captain's Showdown and the Dancing Dolls win Stand Battle and are thus crowned Grand Champion.

Competing Teams


Stand Battle

  • Dancing Dolls vs. Ladies of Excellence
    • Winner: Dancing Dolls

Captains Showdown

  • Kayla vs. Ladies of Excellence Captain
    • Winner: Kayla

Grand Champions: Dancing Dolls


  • This is the first episode of Bring It!
  • Jay Fever hosted this competition
  • This is the debut episode for the Dancing Dolls and Ladies of Excellence.
  • The Prancing Tigerettes can be seen competing at this competition, however, they don't have a feature role in the episode nor are they mentioned
  • Dianna brings her son, Cobe, along with her to the competition.
  • Camryn, Crystianna, Caleda and a couple other girls feature at the start of Kayla's solo