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YCDT SupaStarz
Background Information
Started 2004 (YCDT company)
2013 (SupaStarz)
Affiliated Studio Supa Studio
Director Traci Young-Byron
Location Miami, Florida
Appearance Information
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Student information
Genders Females and Males
Ages 3-7 (Young Bucks)
Youngsters (8-12)
13-18 (SupaStarz)
13- adult (YCDT)
13- adult (Repertory Ensemble)
Known Members tba

YCDT SupaStarz is a dance team from Miami, Florida. The team is lead by Traci Young-Byron. This is the competition team of the YCDT, there are several other subteams: the YoungBucks, the Youngsters, the Repertory Ensemble.


The YCDT (stands for Young Contemporary Dance Theatre) was formed in 2004 in Miami, Florida by Traci Young-Byron. The team is based in the Supa Studio. The competition team, the YCDT SupaStarz was formed in 2013. The studio teaches Ballet. Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Caribbean, West African and Hip-Hop.  

The competition team, the SupaStarz, consists of male and female dancers from ages 13-18. Information about the other subteams are below:

  • The YoungBucks are aged from 3-7
  • The Youngesters are aged from 8-12
  • The YCDT are aged 13- Adult which is for beginner dancers
  • The Repertory Ensemble are aged 13- Adult which is for advanced dancers

Notable Memebers



  • Misha - Captain of the SupaStarz

During Bring It!

In A New Rival Emerges, the Dolls meet the SupaStarz for the first time. The Supastarz beat the Dolls in Stand Battle but not in Creative Dance.


Season 1

Season 2


  • The SupaStarz are well known for their Creative Dances
  • The dancers on this team all come from Performing Arts Schools

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