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Valisa Summers
Valisa and her daughter, Crystianna
Background Information
Age 38
DOB April 21, 1983
Gender Female
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi
First Appearance
  Season 5 premier TBA
Last Appearance
Friends and Family
Children Darrius Horton (son)
Crystianna Summers (daughter)
Chris Summers (son)
Phat Phat Summers (daughter)
Christian Summers (son)
Relatives Rittany Anderson (sister}
Friends Mimi Harris
Rittany Anderson

Valisa Summers is the mother of Crystianna Summers and the younger sister of Rittany Anderson.

Personal Life

Valisa Anderson was born on April 21, 1983 and has an older sister, Rittany Anderson. Valisa and Christal 'Chris' Summers (born November 18, 1980), married and had five children together. Their first son is called Darrius (born February 14, 1998), then they had Crystianna (born 20th June, 2002). Next, they had a son Chris (born April 26th, 2004), a daughter called Phat Phat (born April 29, 2008) and a son Christian (unknown DOB).

Her husband, Chris, was tragically murdered on January 15, 2015. Since then, her sister Rittany was helping Valisa raise her children while Valisa worked multiple jobs.

During Bring It!

In Bucking In Bama, Valisa can be seen with Rittany at a cheerleading event for Crystianna.



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