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The Wig is Off
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Information
No. in Season 3
No. in Series 3
Air Date March 19, 2014
Location Memphis, Tennessee
Competition Name/Host Queen For A Day
Hosts: Diva Time Premiere Steppers
# of viewers (in millions) 1.28
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"The Wig is Off" is the third episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on March 19th, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls return to Memphis hoping to beat one of their biggest rivals; Sunjai learns a hard lesson; Selena tries to bully Dianna; Camryn gets the opportunity to perform a solo.


This weeks competition is in Memphis, Tennessee at the 'Queen For A Day' competition. There is Creative Dance, Pom Pom, Stand Battle and a Solo. They choose an African dance for Creative Dance and  Camryn is chosen for the Solo category.

At the beginning of practice, Dianna asks Mimi to come and speak with her. She tells Mimi that she wants Camryn to do the Solo this week. This excites Mimi and Dianna makes her promise not to mention it to the other parents yet.  Dianna begins practice with the girls, they discussed their performance at last week’s competition and the controversy with the extra judge. Outside the Doll house, the other parents confront Mimi over hiding her knowledge to Camryn getting a solo. Everyone is happy for her except for Selena.

Inside the Dollhouse, Dianna begins practice for the African Dance. Crystianna struggles during practice and Sunjai gets told she is dancing too soft. Sunjai makes cuts for African Dance. Sunjai is cut from Stand Battle after Dianna gets Sunjai to show if she has mastered Bucking and the rest of the Dolls and Dianna say she hasn't improved. Mimi offers Camryn's help to Selena for Sunjai, which Selena gladly accepts.  JJ, Sunjai's father, turns up to practice, enters the Dollhouse and makes the girls and Dianna laugh before leaving. Later that night, Camryn and  Sunjai practice at Camryn's house. Sunjai struggles at first but shows improvement by the end of the night.

The night before the competition, Camryn is practicing for her Solo in front of the whole squad. She does well and only has a couple parts to fix. After a couple of critiques from Dianna, Camryn starts crying. She feels she is too hard on herself. Outside the Dollhouse, Tina wishes that Kayla's father would show up for practice and competitions like JJ does, Selena starts being judgemental of Terrell and causes an argument between herself and Tina. Selena gets into Tina's face and Tina gets angry and pulls off her wig. Mimi comes over to pull the two apart and diffuse the situation.

Back inside the Dollhouse, the Dolls are practicing for Pom Pom. Sunjai is cut from the Pom Pom after messing up some of the moves.

On the day of the competition, Selena and Miss D get into an argument over Sunjai being cut from Pom Pom. Dianna tells Selena that Sunjai messed up multiple times but Selena doesn't accept this.

The competition begins with the Pom Pom category and then it's Camryn's solo. Camryn's solo goes well despite her nerves beforehand. Next, the African Dance is performed and finally, Stand Battle. The team win every category except for Stand Battle, which the Prancing Tigerettes win.

Competing Teams


Stand Battle

Creative Dance

  • Dancing Dolls & Baby Dancing Dolls (African Dance) vs. Prancing Tigerettes
    • Winners: Dancing Dolls

Pom Pom

  • Dancing Dolls vs. various other teams
    • Winners: Dancing Dolls

Solo: Camryn

  • Winner: Camryn


  • This episode is the first official dance debut for the Prancing Tigerettes.
  • Camryn gets her first solo.
  • This is the first episode with Pom Pom and Creative Dance.
  • This is the first stand battle between the Dolls and the Tigerettes.
  • This is the first episode with JJ Williams.
  • Dynamic Diamond Dollz are once again mentioned but they do not officially compete against the Dancing Dolls until The Lock-In.
  • The name of the episode comes from the fight between Tina and Selena, where Tina pulls her wig off part-way through.