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The Finale: Battle Royale
Season 1, Episode 9
Episode Information
No. in Season 9
No. in Series 9
Air Date April 30, 2014
Location Memphis, Tennessee
Competition Name/Host Battle Royale
# of viewers (in millions) 2.30
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"The Finale: Battle Royale" is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on April 30th, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls prepare to face some of their toughest competition from this past competition season in a winner-take-all Stand Battle Royale. With professional dancers and choreographers serving as judges, the dancers feel extra pressure to perform well and make the most of the potential opportunity to "get discovered" and begin to build a career in dance. Meanwhile, Camryn and Crystianna audition for an elite performing arts school and Sunjai finally makes the stand battle squad.


This week's competition is in Memphis, Tennessee at the 'Battle Royale'. The judges of this competition are professionals from the dance industry. There is only Stand Battle.

The Dancing Dolls decide to use the Baby Dancing Dolls as a secret weapon during one of their stands, called 'Tail Spin'. Sunjai also makes stand battle team again this week. Selena is very excited for Sunjai and treats her to a meal of her choice.

Mimi and Calvin bring Camryn to auditions for the Academic and Performing Arts Complex (APAC), along with Crystianna. They have to wait a few weeks until they find out if Camryn will be accepted.

On the day of the competition, the girls run through their stands in the dressing room. Sunjai struggles with remembering the stands and she eventually gets cut. Sunjai leaves the dressing room to find her parents. She tells JJ and Selena what happened and Selena gets very angry. Selena goes to the dressing room and starts yelling at Dianna, where she is eventually kicked out of the dressing room. JJ chose to not accompany them. Mimi calms Selena down afterwards.

The competition begins and the celebrity judges are introduced on stage. Dianna excitedly runs to tell her team who they are; Taylour Paige, John Silver and Tiana Brown. The first stand battle is the Ladies of Excellence and the Divas of Olive Branch; the judges love how clean and sharp the Ladies of Excellence are and they love how entertaining the Divas of Olive Branch are. The Divas of Olive branch win this battle.

Next, the Dancing Dolls (and Baby Dancing Dolls) and the Prancing Tigerettes battle; the judges love the stage presence of the Dolls and they loved how clean and precise the Tigerettes are. The judges love the addition of the Baby Dancing Dolls as well. After a long deliberation, the Dancing Dolls win this battle.

The final battle begins with the Dancing Dolls and Divas of Olive Branch; the judges think the Dolls are not as clean as their rivals but they had a love of swag. The judges were impressed with the Diva's chair stand. The Divas of Olive Branch win the battle and thus become the Grand Champions.

The judges come to talk to the girls after the end of the competition, praising their performances and motivating them.

Competing Teams


Stand Battle

  • Dancing Dolls with the Baby Dancing Dolls vs. Prancing Tigerettes
    • Winners: Dancing Dolls
  • Ladies of Excellence vs. Divas of Olive Branch
    • Winners: Divas of Olive Branch
  • Final: Dancing Dolls vs. Divas of Olive Branch
    • Winners: Divas of Olive Branch

Grand Champions: Divas of Olive Branch


  • This episode serves as the mid-season finale.
  • Sunjai finally makes cuts but then is cut before the competition starts.
  • This competition has the most featured teams competing (4).
  • Jay Fever hosts this competition, this is the second time we see him
  • The celebrity judges are Tiana Brown, John Silver and Taylour Paige