The DD4L Tour
Background Information
Episode Number 11 (22 Overall)
Date October 1, 2014
Competition DD4L Tour
Opponents None
Dances DD4L Training
# of Viewers (in millions) 1.056
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The DD4L Tour is a special two hour episode of Bring It and serves as the Season Finale.


In a special two-hour episode of BRING IT!, Miss D and the Dancing Dolls hit the road on a mission to bring their exciting majorette style of dance to young girls all across the country. But when faced with Miss Dianna’s aggressive coaching style, will these aspiring dancers “buck or cry”? Meanwhile, in a surprising twist, teammates Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna and Sunjai are pitted against each other in stand battle for the very first time, causing things to get heated as they compete for a special featured role in the upcoming competition season.


Atlanta TourEdit

Nashville TourEdit

  • Team Sunjai VS. Team Caleda
    • Winners: Team Caleda
  • Team Kayla VS. Team Camryn
    • Winners: Team Kayla
  • Team Caleda VS. Team Kayla
    • Winners: Team Kayla
  • Dancing Dolls Vs. Pro Cheerleading Team
    • Winners:

Detroit TourEdit

  • Team Kayla VS. Team Crystianna
    • Winners: Team Kayla
  • Team Sunjai VS. Team Camryn
    • Winners: Team Sunjai
  • Team Kayla VS. Team Sunjai
    • Winners: Team Kayla


  • This is the first special that isn't a recap special, behind the scenes, or reunion.