Sunjai in Stilettos
Season 1, Episode 5
Background Information
Episode Number 5
Date April 2, 2014
Opponents Prancing Tigerettes
Divas of Olive Branch
Dances Stand Battle
# of Viewers (in millions) 1.70
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"Baby" Doll Don't Mean "Baby"
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"Sunjai in Stilettos" is the fifth episode of Bring It! It first aired on April 2nd, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls travel to Memphis to compete against two fierce rivals; Sunjai earns a spot in the front for the teams's Michael Jackson inspired performance; Kayla asks her father to attend one of her performances

Known Competing StudiosEdit


Stand BattleEdit

Creative DanceEdit


  • This is the first episode we see the Prancing Tigerettes and Divas of Olive Brance compete in a category outside of the Stand Battle
  • This episode is the 4 consecutive appearance of the Prancing Tigerettes
  • This episode is the first episode Divas of Olive Brance do not compete in Stand Battle
  • This is the first episode we see the dancers compete in something other then their barefeet (The stilettos and shoes in the Michael Jackson routine)

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