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Sunjai in Stilettos
Season 1, Episode 5
Episode Information
No. in Season 5
No. in Series 5
Air Date April 2, 2014
Location Memphis, Tennessee
Competition Name/Host Dynamic Diamond Dollz
# of viewers (in millions) 1.70
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"Sunjai in Stilettos" is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Bring It! It first aired on April 2nd, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls travel to Memphis to compete against two fierce rivals; Sunjai earns a spot in the front for the teams' Michael Jackson inspired performance; Kayla asks her father to attend one of her performances


This week the competition is in Memphis, Tennessee, hosted by the Dynamic Diamond Dollz. This week there is Creative Dance, which is Michael Jackson themed, and Stand Battle.

Outside of the Dollhouse, Sunjai and her mother arrive and Sunjai reminds her mother that she needs to mind her business when it comes to her and her dancing. Selena says she will respect her request and Sunjai heads inside.

Inside the Dollhouse, the Dolls begin practice for the Michael Jackson inspired Creative Dance. The Dolls will be wearing high heels in one section of the dance.

JJ comes to practice again this week and enters the studio to make the team laugh before leaving. The mothers suggest a dance-off between Selena and JJ to see which parent Sunjai got her dancing skills from. After a few rounds, JJ is declared the winner.

In practice, Sunjai makes cuts for the Creative Dance and the parents cheer for her outside although they are getting tired of Selena talking about it over and over again . After practice, Kayla expresses her desire for her dad to come to see her dance. Tina is surprised by this as Kayla has never asked for her dad to come before.

The next day, Selena brings Sunjai to the spa and Selena tells Sunjai how proud she is of her.

The night before the competition, the team are working on Stand Battle. That night, Kayla asks her dad if he can come to the competition that weekend. He says he is unable to do this week but promises to make it to a competition another week.

On the day of the competition, Neva tells Miss D that she is not participating in Stand Battle this week. Selena arrives in high heels to support Sunjai and brings the other moths high heels too so they can also support Sunjai. The girls get ready for Stands first, however, they find out that Creative Dance is the first category, so have to quickly change costumes. The Dolls manage to get ready in time and go out to perform.

Before the Stand Battle, the Dolls and Tigerettes meet in the hallway. Dianna remarks that Quincy has a larger stand battle team than usual, as there are usually only three girls on his team. The stand battle begins with the Dolls battling the Tigerettes. After the Stand Battle, the fifth judge is undecided and requests to see another round, just with the Captain and Co-Captain's. Kayla and Caleda dance for the Dolls. The Captain of the Tigerettes forgets the other half of their stand.

The awards ceremony begins and the Dolls win both the Creative Dance and Stand Battle, where they receive a perfect score in Creative Dance. Sunjai is praised by Dianna for doing well in the front of the Creative Dance.

Competing Teams


Creative Dance

Stand Battle


  • This competition was hosted by the Dynamic Diamond Dollz.
  • This is the first episode we see the Prancing Tigerettes and Divas of Olive Branch compete in a category outside of the Stand Battle.
  • This episode is the 4th consecutive appearance of the Prancing Tigerettes.
  • This episode is the first episode Divas of Olive Branch do not compete in Stand Battle.
  • This is the first episode we see the dancers compete in something other than their bare feet (the stilettos and shoes in the Michael Jackson routine)
  • Selena brings the rest of the mother's high heels to support Sunjai during Creative Dance
  • The creative dance got a perfect score
  • In Behind the Battles, we look at the stand battle from the Tigerettes perspective. The Captain, Alexis, reveals she forgot the other half of the stand when doing the Captains battle