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Sunjai Williams
Background Information
Nickname(s) Cool Flame
Gender Female
DOB February 9, 1997
Age 24
Hometown Clinton, Mississippi
Team Dancing Dolls
Occupation Dancer
Student (former)
Estate Agent
Education Clinton High School
De Sales University
Favoured Genres
First Appearance
  You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance
Friends and Family
Selena Johnson (mother)
JJ Williams (father)
Quincy Johnson (brother, deceased)
Sky Williams (sister)
Star Williams (sister)
Kayla Jones
Tamia Whittaker

Sunjai Williams is a dancer from Clinton, Mississippi. She is formally a member of the Dancing Dolls. She is the older sister to twins Star and Sky Williams. Her mother is Selena Johnson and her father is JJ Williams.

Personal Life

Sunjai Williams was born on February 9, 1997, in Flowood, Mississippi to JJ Williams and Selena Johnson, although she grew up in the city of Clinton, Mississippi. She has two younger twin sisters called Star and Sky Williams. She had an older brother, Quincy Johnson, however, he has tragically passed away.

Sunjai began dancing at the age of 5 and became of the youngest members of the Jackson Stepperettes. When the coach of the Stepperettes retired, Sunjai joined the Jackson Showstoppers.

In 2012, Sunjai and her two sisters joined the Dancing Dolls. In November 2014, Sunjai released a line of cosmetics named "Give 'Em Face by Sunjai".

After retiring from the team and graduating from high school in 2015, Sunjai attended De Sales University. Sunjai now works as an Estate Agent.

During Bring It!

Season 1

In You Better Bring It!, Sunjai's mother, Selena, tries to speak with her inside the studio and is kicked out by Miss D. Sunjai is cut from stands and goes to sit at the back of the studio. Selena starts to tap on the window to get Sunjai's attention where she asks her if she is okay. Sunjai nods in confirmation and Selena is prevented from communicating with her daughter further by the other DDPs.

In Battle in Memphis, Sunjai is cut from the battle squad early on. Mimi talks to Miss D about Sunjai at the end of practice. Mimi believes that it is Selena who wants Sunjai to be on the battle squad, and not Sunjai herself. The next night, Sunjai assures Miss D that she does want to be on the battle squad but that she struggles with memorising the stands.

In The Wig is Off, Sunjai struggles during practice and is cut from the battle squad but not from the African creative dance. She is cut from the battle squad after Miss D asks her to demonstrate bucking, which she is unsuccessful at. Sunjai's father, JJ, turns up to practice which embarrasses Sunjai. The next day, Sunjai goes to Camryn's house and gets help with stands and she shows improvement by the end of the session. Later that day, at practice, Sunjai is cut from the Pom Pom routine after she messed up during practice. At the competition, Sunjai's mother confronts Miss D about cutting Sunjai from the Pom Pom routine, which angers Miss D.

In "Baby" Doll Don't Mean "Baby", Sunjai starts practice well initially but forgets one of the stands, which leads to her being cut. Sunjai becomes upset and exits the Dollhouse, leading to Selena storming inside the Dollhouse and confronting Miss D. Miss D kicks Selena out of the studio and tells her to not bring Sunjai to the competition this weekend. Sunjai and Selena get into their car and Sunjai tells her mother to stop pressuring her so much. Selena apologises and agrees to give Sunjai some more space. Sunjai tells her mother she wishes to go home. On the day of the competition, JJ brings Sunjai to the competition and the two of them have a discussion with Miss D. Miss D allows Sunjai to sit with the other girls, but she is still not able to compete.

In Sunjai in Stilettos, when Sunjai arrives to practice she reminds her mother that she must mind her own business when it comes to her and her dancing. Selena agrees to this and Sunjai enters practice. JJ shows up again to practice and Sunjai feels embarrassed by her father's presence. Sunjai makes cuts for the creative dance where she is in the group who are wearing high heels. Sunjai performs well at the competition and is praised for this by Miss D.

In Street Battle, Sunjai is offered the role as an alternate in one of the stands for the battle squad. She excitedly goes to tell her mother who in turn tells the rest of the DDPs. Sunjai also does well in practice for the pom-pom routine and makes cuts. Due to the competition begin cancelled, the Dolls have a Street Battle with the Divas of Olive Branch where Sunjai has a feature part in one of the stands, where she dresses as one of the divas.

In Shut Up and Dance, Sunjai is given another chance to be a part of a stand this week. The Dolls battle the Purple Diamonds this week so Sunjai has a feature role where she plays one of the Purple Diamonds, who then turns into a Doll. Sunjai does well in her role.

In The Lock-In, Sunjai makes cuts for the creative dance but ultimately cuts cut from the battle squad. Sunjai decides to stay in stand battle practice so that she can keep learning the stand.

In The Finale: Battle Royale, Sunjai makes cuts for the battle squad and her mother is very excited for her and treats her to a meal of her choosing. However, on the day of the competition, Sunjai struggles to remember the stands and gets cut from the battle squad. Sunjai finds her parents and tells them what happened which angers Selena.

In Miss D Breaks It Down, Sunjai is one of the four dancers on the show who performs a short routine. She then demonstrates a death drop on the show. Later on, she joins the mothers on the couches and discusses how she maintains her motivation when she is cut from dances. Finally, after her father JJ joins them on the show, Sunjai tells the host what she loves about each of her parents.

In So You Wanna Be a Doll?, Kayla helps Sunjai during try-outs and Sunjai successfully makes it onto the team on the final day of try-outs.

In Prom or Competition?, Sunjai's prom is on the same day as the competition and she has decided she wants to go to prom. Sunjai is encouraged to go and tell Miss D of this decision who tells her she can go to her prom. On the day of the competition, Sunjai is preparing for prom and she sends Kayla a photo of herself in her prom dress.

In Kayla's Big Surprise, Sunjai takes Kayla to the spa where they discuss their plans for the future. Sunjai states that she wants to go to college and then on to med school. Kayla mentions that this week's creative dance is more suited to Sunjai's style and Sunjai agrees with her and also states that she still wishes she could get on to the battle squad.

In Pray for Sunjai, the DDPs and Miss D notice how well Sunjai is performing in practice this week and are impressed. The next night, Sunjai starts to struggle with some of the stands again and Miss D gets frustrated at her and cuts her from the battle squad, citing that she cannot trust Sunjai to perform well at the moment and does not know what to do to help her. JJ calls Sunjai outside and he, along with Selena, encourage her to go back inside and keep working on stands. On the morning of the competition, Sunjai is at Kayla's house where she is receiving some help with the stands. The team arrive at the competition and Kayla convinces Miss D to let Sunjai back on the battle squad. Sunjai tells her mother the good news and Selena leaves for a while and returns with giant balloons spelling out 'Sunjai'. Before the competition begins, Miss D directs the prayers to Sunjai and she wishes her luck. Miss D holds Sunjai back at the start of the Stand Battle round to give her a pep talk, which worries her parents. Sunjai performs well and Miss D is impressed with Sunjai's improvement.

In The DD4L Tour, Sunjai is one of the team captains on the tour. On the first stop of the tour in Atlanta, Sunjai's team battles Team Camryn first and loses. On the second stop of the tour in Nashville, Sunjai's team battles Team Caleda first and loses again. On the final stop of the tour in Detroit, Sunjai's team battles Team Camryn first and wins. Team Sunjai then battle Team Kayla in the final and lose.

Season 2

In Miss D Loses Her Cool, Sunjai tries out for the hip-hop trio but does not get picked.

In Hometown Showdown, Sunjai's skirt falls off in the middle of the creative dance.

In Selena's Triple Threat, Sunjai and her sisters are at JJ's house doing school work. JJ talks to them about their work, their dancing, and Sunjai's plans for the future.

In Traci's Revenge, Sunjai forgets parts of the creative dance.

In Captain Down, Sunjai visits Xavier University with her parents. She is interested in the Biology course and hopes to then go on to Pre-Med and then becomes a paediatrician. The tour guide takes Sunjai to see the biology labs. Later on, at practice, Sunjai is cut from the creative dance as she struggles to do the walkover.

In Copycat, Sunjai feels saddened that her sister Star cannot perform in the creative dance along with her and Sky.

In Road to Royale, despite receiving some critiques from Kayla, Sunjai is not cut from the battle squad. At the competition, the Purple Diamonds throw a stand where a dancer comes out who is meant to be playing the role of Sunjai.

In Battle Royale 2015, Sunjai auditions for the scholarship at DeSales University.

In Rival Rehash, Sunjai is offered a full-tuition scholarship from DeSales University.

In The Big Apple and the Bitter Apple, Sunjai is one of the six girls to go to New York.

In Tick, Tick, Boom!, Sunjai's graduation is this week. Sunjai invites Kayla's family over to her house so they can get ready for graduation together. JJ gives Sunjai a brand new car as a graduation present and Sunjai drives herself and Kayla to graduation.

In Bring It! Bonus Round Special, there is a segment called 'Sunjai's Milestones' where we see Sunjai getting professional photos taken for her prom and her going shopping for college with her mother and father.

Season 3


  • Sunjai has participated in one Stand Battle with a special part, all of the Creative Dances, and had a special part in the Street Battle.
  • Sunjai has danced the least with the Dancing Dolls but is one of the most featured cast members on the show.
  • Sunjai has danced in almost every Creative Dance (except for the trio in Nashville Smackdown)
  • Sunjai has two younger sisters, Sky and Star, that are also on the Dancing Dolls team.

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