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So You Wanna Be a Doll?
Season 1, Episode 12
Episode Information
No. in Season 12
No. in Series 12
Air Date July 23, 2014
Location Jackson, MIssissippi
Competition Name/Host Dancing Dolls
# of viewers (in millions) 1.56
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"So You Wanna Be a Doll?" is the twelfth episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on July 23rd, 2014.


Miss D begins building a new team with annual team try-outs; veteran dancers must compete for a spot on the team; Tamia challenges Camryn for the head co-captain position; Crystianna battles her nerves.


This week's competition is for the position of Head Co-Captain and other senior roles on the team.

Selena brings Sunjai to try-outs, having not seen the other parents since the big argument at Battle Royale.

Try-outs begin with Dianna teaching the group a simple routine. Dianna states that there are numerous Captain's positions available: one Head Co-Captain, two Co-Captains, one Head Drill Master and Drill Master. Camryn intends on trying out for Head Co-Captain but knows that Tamia is also going for that position.

Mimi and Miss D go out for lunch the next day where they discuss Camryn's desire to be Captain. Dianna tells Mimi that it's between Tamia and Camryn for that position.

At Rittany's house, Rittany and Crystianna talk about her wanting to become Drill Master. Crystianna shows Rittany part of the solo she has created.

On the second day of try-outs, Tamia's mum brings a box of cupcakes to the Dollhouse for Miss D. Kayla also tries to help Sunjai with try-outs.

The next day, Camryn gets the results from her audition for APAC. She doesn't end up getting accepted but she manages to get on the waitlist.

The day of try-outs begins with small groups of girls performing the group routine they learned a couple of days earlier. Next are the captains try-outs, there are seven girls in the running. Crystianna is the first to audition (specifically for Drill Master). She forgets her solo in the middle and stops dancing. She resumes dancing and successfully finishes the routine,

Camryn's solo is next and she incorporates her jazz and ballet background into her solo, impressing Dianna. Tamia's solo is next, Dianna loves her creativity and her sassiness and attitude in the dance.

Miss D announces all the girls who made it onto the team and then moves on to announce who won the captain's positions: Crystianna wins Drill Master, Camryn wins Co-Captain and Tamia wins Head Co-Captain.


  • Dancing Dolls Try-Out Routine

Captain Audition Solos:

  • Tamia Solo 
  • Camryn Solo
  • Crystianna Solo
    • Head Co-Captain: Tamia
    • Co-Captain: Camryn
    • Drill Master: Crystianna


  • All the main cast is set to return
  • We will see the Dancing Doll try-outs for the first time
  • Tamia got the position of Head Co-Captain, Camryn got promoted to Co-Captain, and Crystianna got promoted to Drill Master
  • Zatia can be seen here at tryouts, already in a DD jacket (*)
  • All of the girls made it back onto the team.
  • This episode serves as the long-awaited Summer premier.