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Shut Up and Dance
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode Information
No. in Season 7
No. in Series 7
Air Date April 16, 2014
Location Jackson, Mississippi
Competition Name/Host Shut Up and Dance Jamboree
# of viewers (in millions) 1.90
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"Shut Up and Dance" is the seventh episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on April 16th, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls prepare to defend their title of "The Best Dance Team in Jackson" in a huge hometown battle against local rivals, the Purple Diamonds. Extremely cold weather motivates Mimi to try to convince Dianna to let the Moms back into the dance studio during rehearsal. And Sunjai gets a chance to compete in Stand Battle for the very first time.


This weeks competition is in Jackson, Mississippi at the 'Shut Up and Dance Jamboree' against the Purple Diamonds. There is only Stand Battle this week.

Two days before the competition, Dianna is at home with her son and husband. She is getting Cobe ready for school.

Later that night, Dianna tells Sunjai she has another chance to be a part of a stand this week. Outside the studio, the parents complain about how cold it is and about the Street Battle last week. The mothers ask Selena is she can fight and she says she can't. They try to prepare her for a fight and Mimi teaches her some moves. Then, the mothers ask Mimi if she can ask Miss D if they can come inside the Dollhouse, since it is so cold. Mimi says she will ask her.

The next day, Mimi and Miss D go to lunch together and Mimi asks her and Miss D agrees to allow the parents inside, under the condition that the parents do not disrupt practice.

Later that night, Mimi and Tina are sitting inside practice. Selena shows up outside and is confused about their whereabouts. They ask her to come in and tell her she needs to be quiet.

Sunjai is given another feature part in Stands this week, she will play one of the Purple Diamonds. During practice, Selena starts cheering for Sunjai and gets herself and the mothers kicked out of practice. Rittany arrives and Tina and Mimi tell her what Selena did to get them kicked out of practice. Selena tells Rittany how Sunjai has a part in Stands this week. Rittany gets annoyed at Selena's bragging.

The night before the competition, Dianna and her husband, Robert, go out on a date. Dianna talks about how difficult it is for her to balance her team and spending time with her husband. Robert takes Dianna out to eat and dance. They reminisce about how they first met and what they love about each other.

On the day of the competition, the parents try to prepare Selena for the competition against the Purple Diamonds. TIna brings Selena a 'saver whistle' which she can use if she is in danger.

Miss D helps Sunjai put on a rip-away Purple Diamonds costume in preparation for their stand mocking them. Stand Battle begins with the Dolls battling the Purple Diamonds. The Purple Diamonds throw a stand simulating them 'beating up' the Dolls so the Dolls retaliate with the 'Walk the Dog' stand. The Purple Diamonds end up winning the Stand Battle but two members of the Diamonds team run out and shake their butts at the Dolls. The Dolls leave the competition disappointed.

Competing Teams


Stand Battle

  • Dancing Dolls vs. Purple Diamonds
    • Winners: Purple Diamonds

Stand Battle (unaired)

  • Dancing Dolls vs. Prancing Stepperettes (Shown in Behind the Battles)
    • Winners: Dancing Dolls


  • This is the first episode to have the Purple Diamonds and the Prancing Stepperettes.
  • Sunjai participates in Stand Battle for the first time with another character role.
  • In Behind the Battles, unseen footage of the Prancing Stepperettes and their stand battle against the Dancing Dolls aired.
  • Tina gives Selena a 'saver whistle' before the start of the competition, to prepare her for any controversy