Shut Up and Dance
Season 1, Episode 7
Background Information
Episode Number 7
Date April 16, 2014
Opponents Prancing Stepperattes
Purple Diamonds
Dances Stand Battles
Creative Dance
# of Viewers (in millions) 1.90
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"Shut Up and Dance" is seventh the episode of Bring It! It first aired on April 16, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls prepare to defend their title of "The Best Dance Team in Jackson" in a huge hometown battle against local rivals. Cold weather motivates Mimi to try to convince Dianna to let the Moms back into the studio. Sunjai finally gets a chance to compete in the Stand Battle.

Known Competing TeamsEdit


Stand BattleEdit

Unaired DancesEdit

Stand BattleEdit


  • This is the first episode to have the Purple Diamonds and the Prancing Stepperattes
  • Sunjai participates in Stand Battle for the first time with another character role
  • In Behind the Battles, unseen footage of the Prancing Stepperattes and their stand battle against the Dancing Dolls aired.

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