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Season 5
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Season 5
No. of Episodes 23
Season Premiere If You Can't Stand The Heat...
Season Finale Bring It Live! Detour
Previous Season Season 4
Next Season None

The fifth season of Bring It! premiered on March 2nd, 2018 and concluded on March 21st, 2019.

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Title Original air date
99 1 If You Can't Stand The Heat... March 2, 2018
Coach D begins a new dance season with the ultimate quest to find the Dancing Dolls' next captain. A new dancer and DDP shakes up the team after moving from NYC to Jackson and introducing some "high maintenance" demands. Will a new captain nominee step up to a Wild-West-themed "showdown"? Or will the competition leave the Dancing Dolls in the dust?
100 2 The Sister Showdown March 9, 2018
The Dollhouse takes "sibling rivalry" to the next-level when the Dollhouse "captain nominee" must stand off against her sister, who just happens to be the captain of Jackson's hometown enemy, the Purple Diamonds. Meanwhile Selena deals with a "twin dilemma" when she tries to make one twin follow her sister's path.
101 3 Let's Talk about Texts, Baby March 16, 2018
The Dancing Dolls are preparing for an epic school-spirit competition, but the practices are interrupted when a texting scandal rocks the team. Coach D's punishment for the Dolls involved puts several of the potential captains' futures on the line.
102 4 Rivals United for a Causes March 23, 2018
Coach D organizes a show-stopping competition to raise money for dance teams who lost their studios in Hurricane Harvey. It's a full house as all of Coach D's rivals, both friends and foes, battle it out in competition for a cause. Meanwhile, tensions rise between two new DDP who can't seem to put aside their differences.
103 5 B-Squad Goals March 30, 2018
Coach D decides to put the B-Squad on the frontline for Stand Battle this week. Will a potential new captain be able to get the girls in shape, or will the B-Squad crumble under pressure? The DDP consult a Jackson psychic who has an unsettling prediction about future shake-ups in the Dollhouse. Meanwhile, Faith's dad surprises her with huge potential opportunity that could take her away from Jackson.
104 6 Banned 4 Life? March 30, 2018
The three suspended potential captains have only week left to earn their way back into Coach D's good graces. An EPIC showdown emerges between Coach D and a DDP, when an important Dollhouse rule is broken. Meanwhile, Faith and DDP Dana take a trip to Atlanta to explore future acting and singing opportunities.
105 7 Stands and Deliver August 16, 2018
The Dolls face off against their biggest foes, The Prancing Tigerettes and Divas of Olive Branch, in a heated Stands in Stands battle with a live band. Dianna finally takes Crystianna off probation and puts her to the test leading floor stands, but Crystianna fails to impress during practice. Meanwhile, a desperate Selena enlists the help of the DDP to convince Dianna to let her and the twins back in the Dollhouse.
106 8 Dance For Your Rights August 16, 2018
Coach D creates a female empowerment routine that she believes will rock the dance floor. But when she gets carried away, her routine quickly spirals into a 28-minute dance marathon that exhausts the team and her lead Dancing Doll. Will the dancers overcome fatigue and confusion on the floor, or will the routine crash and burn? Meanwhile, a few paranoid DDPs suspect Jaylene is being secretly groomed for the captain position and investigate.
107 9 Who Wants To Be A Prop Star? August 23, 2018
The Dolls are bouncing off-the-walls to prepare for a special Stand Battle that includes props and Coach D fears the routine will fail when the dancers struggle to catch onto the choreography. Meanwhile, former DDP Rittany returns as her sister, Valisa, lashes out at Coach D's decisions.
108 10 Grudge Match Gone Wrong August 23, 2018
All bets are off as the Dancing Dolls face off against their most formidable foe, Black Ice, in an epic grudge match! But when the team's "secret weapon" backfires, the Dolls are left without a plan of attack. Will the team find a new strategy to bring to the battle? Later, an emergency situation sends the competition into chaos.
109 11 Three's a Crowd August 30, 2018
Dianna travels to the Birmingham Dollhouse to coach the Baby Dolls for their first huge competition and finds complete chaos when they can't pull off their choreography. Dianna leaves Kayla in charge to coach the Jackson Dolls and help her narrow the final three picks for the captain's position down to two.
110 12 The Ultimate Captain's Battle August 30, 2018
Coach D narrows down the search for the new captain to the final two and challenges them to face off in a heated Doll vs. Doll competition to determine who will be named the next captain! But when Coach D lashes out at both captain potentials for not leading their teams, emotions explode and the tears flow!
111 13 Clash Of The Titans September 6, 2018
The struggle is real when the Dancing Dolls launch a fierce agenda to win the seniors' final Battle Royale. Coach D choreographs an epic Egyptian creative, complete with mummy baby dolls, giant phoenixes, and even an untamed wild animal! But the drama behind the scenes threatens to eclipse the Dolls' routine when Dianna and guest judge, Laurieann Gibson, get into a major brawl. Plus, Coach D decides once and for all who will be the next captain of the Dancing Dolls.
112 14 No Boys Allowed? January 17, 2019
Major changes hit the Dollhouse as Camryn steps down as captain, and Makya and Crystianna step up to lead. Coach D begins a new dance season, by breaking her biggest rule, shaking the Dollhouse to its core. The wild experiment led by Coach D's new permanent assistant coach, Marquell, sends the team into complete chaos and puts a huge competition at risk.
113 15 A Dollhouse Abandoned January 24, 2019
The Dolls go down like dominos as they prepare for their first stand battle of the season with both boys and girls competing. Coach D and Marquell must make some tough cuts, as not all the new members are ready. But when a betrayal like no other rattles the Dollhouse, emotions run high and the team is faced with their toughest decision yet: to battle or forfeit the competition.
114 16 So You Think You Can Choreograph? January 31, 2019
It's a senior showdown as Coach D gives four graduating vets a chance to choreograph a trio, and the winner's routine will represent the team in a national competition. The heat rises in the studio as the senior Dollhouse residents all clamour for one coveted spot. Meanwhile, the boys struggle to keep their heads above water.
115 17 Survival of the Fittest February 7, 2019
Coach D must prepare the team for a huge survivor-style elimination match, where heavy hitters can be picked off by the opposing teams. To add to Coach D's headaches, Jaylene battles personal demons that affect her performance and one of the vets suffers a debilitating injury which jeopardizes the competition. The fate of co-head captain Crystianna is decided.
116 18 A Boy, A Kiss, and A Choreographer February 14, 2019
It's a battle of the duos in the Dollhouse as Coach D breaks the team into pairs of two for a choreographing challenge where the winning duet will represent the Dancing Dolls at an elite competition. Coach D enlists celebrity choreographer, Don Draico, to train the boys from the ground up, though one male dance hits rock bottom. Plus, a competition faux pas may ruin the team's chance at taking home a milestone win.
117 19 A Star Is Born February 21, 2019
After Faith is invited to sing with a hot new girl group, Pink Heart, Dianna lets Hollywood hot shots invade the Dollhouse to shoot the music video. The Dolls are excited to be in the video but there's a catch! The dancers must go through a series of brutal cuts and shoot a screen test to get selected.
118 20 Breaking the Curse of the B-Squad February 28, 2019
The B-Squad attempts to break their losing "curse" as they prepare for an epic Stand Battle including participation from the DDP and the boys. Dancing Doll Alumni, Kayla and Sunjai return to help coach, but the Dollhouse quickly becomes a madhouse as the DDP fail to impress, the boys struggle with stands, and the B-Squad suffers from lack of confidence. Meanwhile, Coach D struggles with a difficult decision that could change the fate of Jackson Dollhouse forever.
119 21 Dancing Doll Heist March 7, 2019
It's double the trouble and double the fun in the Dollhouse this week! While Coach D prepares the most heavy-hitting dancers for an elite national tour during hell week, Coach Marquell trains the new crop of Dolls for their first competition ever, alongside the B-squad, boys, and babies. Princess' spot on the tour is on-the-line and Marquell loses his patience with amateur newbies and boys who dare to cross-the-line.
120 22 The Seniors' Last Battle March 14, 2019
It's the final competition of the majorette season, and the team wants to send the Doll seniors off with a final win for their legacy before they head out on the national tour. But a win won't come easy, as the Dollhouse is swarming with newbies who just can't seem to get a complicated Barbie-inspired routine to not look plastic. This final competition also serves as the boys' last feat on the floor as they complete their first season. Will the team send the seniors away in blazing glory, or will they go down in a ball of fire?
121 23 Bring It Live! Detour March 21, 2019
The Dancing Dolls hit-the-road for the Bring It Live! Tour, but roadblocks along the way leave the fate of tour in serious danger. As the clock ticks down to opening night, Princess battles overcoming her newbie fears, Kayla attempts to find her voice through dance, and Faith struggles to find confidence on the floor after an injury. Will the show soar? Or will Bring It Live! buckle under the spotlight?