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Season 4
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Season 4
No. of Episodes 26
Season Premiere Miss D Reboots
Season Finale National Pressure
Previous Season Season 3
Next Season Season 5

The fourth season of Bring It! premiered on January 13th, 2017 and concluded on February 2nd, 2018.

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Title Original air date
73 1 Miss D Reboots January 13, 2017
Bring It!'s back for a brand new season and for their first competition, Coach D goes up against her arch rival Neva the Diva in a New Orleans dance battle.
74 2 Dianna Said Knock You Out! January 20, 2017
The Dancing Dolls are stepping into the ring with a boxing-themed routine against unknown rivals Black Ice, and find their opponents really pack a punch.
75 3 Coach D Meets Queen B January 27, 2017
Coach D needs her Dancing Dolls to slay the competition after the results from the last competition.
76 4 Bringing It to the Big Apple February 3, 2017
Coach D has a big surprise for the Dolls--twelve girls have been selected to go on a field trip to New York City!
77 5 Torrey Takes Over February 10, 2017
The Dollhouse is shocked when Dianna adds Torrey, a new ballet coach to the team. Tina, feels threatened that he's there to take Kayla's position and the Dolls have to master his choreography for a competition.
78 6 Losing Faith February 17, 2017
The Dolls have to take on stands with props while Faith and Daija are chosen to do a Ballet Duo routine taught by Torrey.
79 7 A Tale of Two Dollhouses February 24, 2017
Miss D heads to Birmingham to prep the newest Dolls to battle their big sisters of Jackson.
80 8 Attack Of The B Squad March 3, 2017
Miss D adds a twist for the Dancing Dolls' stand battle. The veterans are benched.
81 9 Black Ice Meltdown March 10, 2017
The Dancing Dolls and Miss D face Black Ice from Ohio. Can the Dolls succeed?
82 10 Revenge of the Robo-Dolls March 17, 2017
Miss D and the Dolls face arch rivals the Prancing Tigerettes.
83 11 Cookie Bites Back March 24, 2017
The Dancing Dolls get the shock of the season when they find out that Coach D's swapped studios with Tyrus, the flamboyant coach of the Elite Stars.
84 12 La La Land March 31, 2017
Coach D and the Dolls take on Los Angeles for a grudge match against Compton. One doll gets the opportunity of a lifetime while the team learns Coach D's Smurf creative.
85 13 Lemons to Lemonade? April 7, 2017
Dancing Dolls face their hometown rivals, the Purple Diamonds so Coach D goes all out with a Beyoncé -inspired creative that has the girls attempting to perform in a pool.
86 14 Battle for Broadway April 14, 2017
The Broadway Dance Center comes to Jackson to pick one Dancing Doll for their summer intensive scholarship.
87 15 Deliver Us From Neva April 21, 2017
With Battle Royale looming next week, Coach D holds tryouts for a very special solo role and Rittany's gunning for Crystianna to get it, by any means necessary.
88 16 Battle Royale: Up In Flames! April 28, 2017
It's the Battle Royale, and Dianna's concocted her most ambitious creative dance yet, a spectacular Willy Wonka-inspired routine.
89 17 Crossing The Line November 24, 2017
As a brand new dance season begins, Coach D has decided to shake-up EVERYTHING familiar in the Dollhouse. The DDPs get a rude awakening when they find out their antics have them permanently exiled from the viewing room. Meanwhile, new faces are causing a commotion in the Dollhouse and Chrystianna stirring-up trouble in enemy territory.
90 18 Rumble In The Jungle December 1, 2017
When a Dollhouse heavy-hitter gets injured, a new DDP tries to sweet talk her way up the Dollhouse ladder. Rittany questions her decision to defect from the team. Also, when Dianna puts the heat on her new Baby Doll team, a Baby Mama mutiny erupts.
91 19 #Clapback December 8, 2017
After defecting to Divas of Olive Branch, a regretful Rittany tries to woo Coach D into letting Crystianna back on the team.
92 20 Battle For Oz December 15, 2017
Broadway singer and international star, Todrick Hall, surprises the Dolls with a "Oz" inspired choreography challenge that pits Dolls against Dolls. When the competition heats up, tears are shed, and tempers flare in effort to win the performance opportunity of a lifetime.
93 21 Secrets, Lies, And Slumber Parties December 29, 2017
Dianna announces that she will be taking only 5 Dancing Dolls at the end of the dance season to a National Competition.
94 22 Coach D Resigns January 5, 2018
Coach D's frustration with the Dancing Dolls' lackluster attitudes results in dramatic departure from the Dollhouse.
95 23 Stand Battle Shake Up January 12, 2018
Dianna has a HUGE surprise set for this week's Stand Battle- the DDPs will be a mandatory part of Stand Battle.
96 24 Doll Meet World January 19, 2018
In the last creative dance competition of the season, Dianna takes a big risk placing untried girls front and center in an elaborate "around the world" creative routine.
97 25 The Dolls' Last Chance January 26, 2018
Coach D enlists celebrity choreographers to train, audition, and select five girls for the National Competition in Philadelphia. It's any Doll's game as they struggle through intense routines in many genres. A nervous Kayla scrambles to prepare her newly formed dance team for their first hip hop competition that could make or break her dreams to be a dance coach.
98 26 National Pressure February 2, 2018
It's GAME TIME in the Dollhouse. After months of intense training Coach D and the Dancing Dolls will head to Philadelphia for an epic competition with a multitude of dance genres.