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Prancing Tigerettes
Background Information
Started 2007
Affiliated Studio Tigerland Academy Dance Studios
Director Quincy Oliver
Location Memphis, Tennessee
Appearance Information
First Appearance
Battle in Memphis
Last Appearance
Student information
Genders Females
Ages 3-18
Known Members Princess Kelly (former captain)

The Prancing Tigerettes are a dance team from Memphis, Tennessee. The team is led by Quincy Oliver. They have a subteam, Baby Prancing Tigerettes.


The Prancing Tigerettes were formed in 2007 in Memphis, Tennessee by Quincy Oliver. The team is based in the Tigerland Academy Dance Studios. The studio teaches Majorette dancing.

The team consists of female dancers from ages 3-18. From ages 3-10, dancers are part of the Baby Prancing Tigerettes. There is a mixed male-and-female subteam too called the Memphis Galaxy 16.

Notable Members


  • Quincy Oliver - Head Coach, Founder and President
  • Jamar Harris - Head Coach and Vice-President


  • Princess Kelly - Former Captain
  • Adoree 'Toosie' Mani - Current Captain


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • In Battle in Memphis, Miss D states that the Prancing Tigerettes are well-known for their intricate slow stands
  • Typically, the Prancing Tigerettes only have three girls for Stand Battle

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