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Nashville Smackdown
Season 1, Episode 16
Episode Information
No. in Season 16
No. in Series 16
Air Date August 20, 2014
Location Nashville, Tennessee
Competition Name/Host Spring Showdown
# of viewers (in millions) 1.08
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"Nashville Smackdown" is the sixteenth episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. This aired on August 20th, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls travel to Nashville, Tennessee to take on squads from the south. Meanwhile, the mom's plot to spy on Miss D in the dance studio and hold a bake sale to fund their scheme; and Kayla's leadership is questioned by Miss D and the Dolls


This week's competition is in Nashville, Tennessee at the 'Spring Showdown'. This marks the return of the Ladies of Excellence. There is a Creative Dance Trio and Stand Battle. The creative dance will be Jazz-Funk themed, which is a mix of jazz, majorette, and hip-hop. The team will not compete in Field Show.

The parents plan on sneaking a baby monitor inside the Dollhouse so they can hear what is going on in practice.

Dianna begins auditions for creative dance and notices that Kayla does not step up to audition, and neither does Tamia. Crystianna, Makalah, and Camryn are chosen for the trio. Miss D talks to Kayla after practice asking her why she did try out for that trio. Kayla says she doesn't like the style of dance. Miss D tells her she needs to learn to push herself since Miss D won't be around too soon when Kayla graduates.

The next night, the DDPs are setting up a bake sale to find the baby monitor, Dianna notices it is a lot quieter than usual outside so comes to investigate. The DDPs let off their codeword signal and quickly hide the bake sale. The DDPs play it cool and Dianna goes back inside, feeling suspicious but thankful for the quiet. The DDPs bake sale earns them $140.

On the bus to the competition, Dianna and Tina talk about Kayla and how she needs to be pushed to try new things if she wants to be a dance instructor when she is older.

The competition starts with the trio category, with the Ladies of Excellence dancing first with a monster-themed routine. The Dolls' trio is next. The girls start to get ready for stand battle when the crowds outside the building start to build up. The police arrive and shut down the competition as the venue is overcapacity. On the bus home, Kayla decides to take more dance classes of different genres and Dianna will let her shadow her in these classes.

Competing Teams


Stand Battle

Creative Dance

Field Show

  • Mini All-Starz


  • This episode marks the return of the Ladies of Excellence.
  • This episode marks the first trio in Bring It!
  • For the first time, several coaches and teams have small features (Elite Starz, Glam Squad, and Mini All-Starz's coaches all got interviews)
  • For the third time, a competition was cancelled (the second time where it was cancelled during competition.)
    • The first was in Street Battle because of the weather.
    • The next was in The Lock-In where a fight on the dance floor cancelled the competition.
    • The third was Nashville Smackdown where the venue was over capacity.
  • This is the first appearance for the Mini All-Starz (coach Juan)
  • This is the first appearance for the Glam Squad (coach Serita)