Nashville Smackdown
Background Information
Episode Number 16
Date August 6th, 2014
Competition Spring Showdown
Opponents Ladies of Excellence
Dances Stand Battle
Jazz Funk Trio
# of Viewers (in millions) 1.08
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Nashville Smackdown is the sixteenth episode of Bring It! The episode will air on August 6, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls reavel to Nashville, Tenn. to take on squades from the south. Meanwhile, the moms plot to spy on Miss D in the dance studio and hold a bake sale to fund their scheme; and Kayla's leadership is questioned by Miss D and the Dolls

Known Competing TeamsEdit


Stand BattleEdit

Creative DanceEdit

Winners: Dancing Dolls

Unknown Routines

  • Mini All-Starz Field Show?
  • the dancing dolls can do the best death drop ever
  • they can do the best splits ever they are the best dd4l
  • the moms are cool becuase they can do the stuff their daughter are doing like wow i wish my mom could do that dd4l


  • This episode marks the return of the Ladies of Excellence.
  • This episode marks the first trio in Bring It!
  • For the first time, several coaches and teams have small features (Elite Starz, Glam Squad, and Mini All-Starz's coaches all got interviews)
  • For the third time, a competition was cancelled (Second time where it was cancelled during competition.)
    • The first was in Street Battle becuase of the weather.
    • The next was in The Lock-In where a fight on the dance floor canclled the competition.
    • The third was Nashville Smackdown where the venue was over capacity.

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