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Miss D Breaks It Down
Season 1, Episode 10
Episode Information
No. in Season 10
No. in Series 10
Air Date May 7, 2014
Location N/A
Competition Name/Host Host: Kim Coles
# of viewers (in millions) 0.89
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"Miss D Breaks It Down" is the tenth episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on May 7th, 2014.


Memorable moments from season one; coach Dianna Williams discuses the history of hip hop majorettes; performances from the Dancing Dolls, Baby Dolls, and the Dancing Dolls' parents.


The reunion episode begins with Dianna discussing how she balances her time in the studio and her home life; she struggles with the stresses of running the studio and missing seeing her son. She reflects on her past, specifically on her college days where she failed to join the Prancing J-settes (of Jackson State University) numerous times which inspired her to seek another path.

Then we see a performance from four of the Dancing Dolls: Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna and Sunjai. The girls then showcase some of their signature moves, specifically the 'Cat Jump', the 'Death Drop', the 'Elbow Cartwheel', and finally 'a rollover into a back bend'.

Next, they discuss the drama between Dianna and the Parents. Numerous clips are shown of Dianna and the parents in arguments as well as clips of Selena and the rest of the parents arguing. Selena discusses her personal life; revealing she had her son at 14 and now she is a grandmother as her son followed the same path she did.

Next, the Dancing Doll Parents perform. The parents return to the couch and the girls join their parents. We watch a compilation of clips with Crystianna and Rittany. Rittany then discusses her close bond with Crystianna, stating that Crystianna saved her.

Then Sunjai begins discussing how she maintains her motivation after being cut from numerous dances and how she is setting boundaries with her mother. We then move on to Kayla, who reviews the difficulties and pressures of being the captain.

They move on to discussing what a stand battle is and then the Dolls and their Parents have their stand battle. Dianna declares the battle a draw.

The group starts discussing the various rivals they have faced so far in the season and Neva is invited out onto the show. The two coaches discuss the Street Battle episode. They move on to talking about the stand that Dianna disliked from the Divas and Neva reveals how her girls were hurt by Dianna when she said "What are we in, a Strip Club?". The coaches argue over this point with Neva bringing up Dianna's past.

Finally, Sunjai's father, JJ, is brought onto the show. Sunjai discusses what she loves about each of her parents. JJ then gets onto the dance floor to do a solo.

The show ends with a performance from the Baby Dancing Dolls. Dianna talks about the differences between coaching the Babies and the Big Dolls and tells us what is coming up for the team next.







  • This is the first reunion special.