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Makalah Whisenton
Background Information
Nickname(s) Xtreme Heat
Smurf #3
Gender Female
DOB April 9, 2001
Age 20
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi
Team Dancing Dolls (former)
Prancing J-settes
Occupation Dancer
Student (former)
Travel Agent
Credit Advisor
Education Ridgeland High School
Jackson State University
Favoured Genres
First Appearance
  You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance
Friends and Family
Fletresha Brewer-Whisenton (mother)
Aykmi (sister)
Xavier (brother)
Camryn Harris
Crystianna Summers
Kanarie Smith

Makalah Whisenton is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is formally a member of the Dancing Dolls.

Personal Life

Makalah Whisenton was born on April 9, 2001 in Jackson Mississippi to her mother, Fletresha Brewer, and her father. She has two known siblings, an older brother, Xavier, and a younger sister, Aykmi.

Makalah joined the Dancing Dolls when she was in 4th grade as a Baby Dancing Doll. During her time at the Dollhouse, she became Head Co-Captain when Camryn became Captain.

She was a part of the Girl Scouts of America and a Cheerleader for the Panther Sport Club Cheerleaders.

She began attending Jackson State University in 2018 and is a part of the university dance team the Prancing J-settes, after graduating from Ridgeland High School in 2018.

She now works as a Travel Agent and Credit Advisor.

During Bring It!



  • Makalah, Camryn and Crystianna call their trio The Smurfs
    • She is the second oldest out of The Smurfs
  • She was named Miss Dollhouse Dance Factory when she was in 4th grade.
  • She has a dog called Chocco.
  • She has released a book titled 'Levels of Investments & Entrepreneurship'

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