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Kayla Jones
Background Information
Nickname(s) Foxi Brown
Gender Female
DOB May 10, 1997
Age 24
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi
Team Dancing Dolls (former)
Occupation Dancer
DD Assistant Coach {former}
Education Callaway High School (2011-15)
Hinds Community College (former)
Stillman College (former)
Grambling University
Favoured Genres
  Hip Hop
First Appearance
  You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance
Friends and Family
Tina Jones
Terrell Vaughn
TJ Vaughn (brother)
Jayvian Vaughn (brother)
Terryran Vaughn (brother)
JoJo Vaughn (brother)
Kareem 'Khaos' Vaughn (brother, deceased)
Tamya Vaughn (sister)
Camryn Harris
Crystianna Summers
Sunjai Williams

Kayla Jones is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is the former captain of the Dancing Dolls in Season 1 and 2. She graduated from the team and then became an assistant coach for the team. Her mother is Tina Jones and her father is Terrell Vaughn.

Personal Life

Kayla Jones was born on May 10, 1997, in Jackson, Mississippi to Tina Jones and Terrell Vaughn. She has 5 siblings.

She began dancing at the age of 2 and joined that Dancing Dolls when she was 10 years old. She became captain of the Dolls in 2011, at the start of the first season of the show. Kayla graduated from Callaway High School in 2015 and thus graduated from the team and stepped down as Captain. Kayla went on to study at Hinds Community College and then at Stillman College where she danced for the Stingettes.

She is now going to Grambling University, after transferring from the previous college, which she went to visit during one of the episodes of the show. Kayla and Mo Johnson are engaged. They are expecting a baby due in September.  

During Bring It!

Season 1

In You Better Bring It!, Kayla has her first solo as Captain of the Dancing Dolls. During practice, Kayla struggles to deliver a good performance for Miss D, becoming emotional over the pressure she is under. At the competition, Kayla wins the Captain Showdown after giving a good performance.

In "Baby" Doll Don't Mean "Baby", Kayla becomes frustrated by Caleda's comments during practice where she was blamed for the team's losses. The day before the competition, Kayla and Camryn are on a jog together discussing the team's losing streak.

In Sunjai in Stilettos, after practice, Kayla tells her mother that she wishes her dad would come to her competition, as Camryn and Sunjai's father does. The next night, Kayla asks her dad if he can come to this week's competition. He says he cannot this week but he will come to one in the future.

During the competition that week, Kayla and Caleda have to perform an extra round for the Stand Battle to decide the winner. The Dolls win the Stand Battle.

In Street Battle, Tina asks Terrell to come to Kayla's competition this week and he promises he will. Terrell does end up turning up to the Street Battle, which Kayla suggested the day the competition was cancelled as a replacement.

In Miss D Breaks It Down, Kayla performs with Camryn, Crystianna and Sunjai and participates in the interviews on this special episode.

In So You Wanna Be a Doll?, Kayla is seen helping Sunjai with try-outs.

In Prom or Competition?, Kayla encourages Sunjai to ask Miss D if she can go to prom instead of the competition this weekend. Later on at the competition, Kayla receives a picture of Sunjai's prom dress from Sunjai which she shares with a few other Dolls.

In Kayla's Big Surprise, Tina reveals to the mothers that Kayla's boyfriend, Mo, has planned a surprise for Kayla to ask her to Prom. The night of the plan, Mo arrives at the studio and Tina gives Miss D the signal. Miss D sends Kayla out to get her food and Mo sets up inside the studio, where he gets the Dolls to spell out the word 'PROM' with their bodies on the floor. Kayla returns with Miss D's food and enters the studio. She is shocked to see Mo and accepts his invitation to prom.

The next evening, Kayla prepares for prom whilst her dad gives Mo a talk. Terrell reminds the two of them that there is a curfew and they cannot go to any after parties.

In Nashville Smackdown, Miss D notices that Kayla doesn't audition for the Jazz-Funk solo. She pulls Kayla aside and Kayla says she doesn't like the genre of dance. Miss D tells Kayla she needs to push herself because she won't be around to push her when Kayla graduates. At the end of the competition that week, Kayla decides to take on more dance lessons of different genres and hopes to shadow Miss D in these classes.

In Baby Dolls vs. Baby Tigerettes, Kayla helps the Baby Dolls with their stands.

In Pray for Sunjai, Sunjai comes over to Kayla's house to get help with stands. At the competition, Kayla tells Dianna that she should give Sunjai another chance on the Stand Battle squad since she got cut earlier in the week.

In The DD4L Tour, during the Atlanta tour, Kayla wins the first round against Team Caleda but loses to Team Camryn in the final round. At the Nashville tour, Kayla's team beats Team Camryn and then beats Team Caleda in the final round. At the Detroit tour, Kayla beats Team Crystianna and then beats Team Sunjai in the Final Round.

Season 2

In Miss D Loses Her Cool, Kayla successfully auditions for the Hip Hop trio along with Tamia and Ken'Janae. The trio wins the competition.

In Bucking In Bama, Kayla is not the Captain for the week and helps choose Camryn for the Captain's position.

In No Stopping Kayla, concerns are brought up about Kayla's weight. Miss D takes Kayla outside for physical training to keep her in shape. At the competition, Kayla looks tired halfway through the Field Show category but seems to have gained her energy back when she performs her Captain's Solo. Kayla also keeps her stamina up during Stand Battle, leading the Dolls to a victory.

In Captain Down, Kayla pulls a muscle in her right quad and is unable to dance most of the week. Kayla manages to lead Stand Battle this week despite the pain, where she earns the team a victory.

In Don't Do It, Neva, Kayla fixes Tamia's makeup when she gets emotional before the competition.

In Road to Royale, Kayla is in charge of the practice. She struggles with keeping practice organised and Miss D quizzes Kayla on her choice of dancers in certain formations. Kayla becomes frustrated and emotional. Miss D takes her to the side and tells her she must remain strong. Tina believes this to be Miss D not trusting Kayla. Kayla performs cuts by splitting the Dolls into two groups and having them battle, although she has some critiques for some dancers, she ultimately does not cut anyone.

On the day of the competition, Kayla expresses her nerves to her mother, Tina, who tells her daughter that she is confident in her abilities. The Dolls win Stand Battle to which Kayla is overjoyed.

In Battle Royale 2015, Kayla shows an interest in the DeSales University scholarship which Miss D mentions to the Dolls. Kayla does a majorette routine for the audition. The results of the audition will be sent out to the girls later on. Kayla performs in the Battle Royale, which is her last one as Captain and as a Doll.

In Rival Rehash, Kayla is offered a $20000 scholarship from DeSales University.

In A Whole New Doll Game, Kayla is appointed Assistant Director for the Dolls. During a dance-off between Camryn and Crystianna, Kayla states that she thinks Crystianna is a better fit for Captain's position this week. Thus, Crystianna is chosen. Kayla later gives Crystianna a motivational talk before the start of the competition.

In Dancing Dolls NOT For Life, Dianna and Kayla express their concerns about Camryn leading this week, as her intensity when throwing stands is not as high as Crystianna's.

In Selena's Makeover Madness, Kayla has her prom this week. Kayla invites her mother, who in turn invites Kayla's father Terrell. On the day of the competition, Kayla messes up a few of the stands. The team loses this week due to numerous mistakes made by the girls.

In The Big Apple and the Bitter Apple, Kayla awards Crystianna the Captain's position for the week. Kayla is one of the six dancers chosen to go to New York and meet choreographer, Tanisha Scott. Before heading back to Jackson, Miss D and Kayla decide to pull the Trio from the competition this week, due to the girls having had no time to practice. At the end of the competition, Dianna and Kayla call Tanisha Scott to tell her the good results from the competition.

In Saturday Night Fights, Tina reveals to the mothers that Kayla came home past curfew last night and Kayla did not have an explanation for this. The mothers tell Tina to let it go this time. During practice, whilst at the football field with the and, Tina and NaShumba get into an argument regarding Kayla's future. NaShumba later apologises for this to Tina. Tina speaks to Kayla about her future, telling her she needs to have a plan for the future before graduating from High School. Kayla leads the Dolls during the Field Show at the competition.

In Pom Pom Panic, Kayla leads a celebration for Miss D due to news of her vow renewal with her husband. On the morning of the competition, Kayla meets Camryn in the Dollhouse early to work on Camryn's solo.

In Tick, Tick, Boom!, Kayla is graduating from high school this week, along with Sunjai. Kayla and her family go over to Sunjai's house to get ready and take photos. When Sunjai's father shows up with a new car for Sunjai, Kayla gets in and Sunjai drives them to the competition.

In Summer Slam, Kayla is chosen to be Captain this week since it is her last week on the team. She leads the team to victory at the Summer Slam and Tina awards Kayla with flowers back in the dressing room.

In Bring It! Bonus Round Special, Miss D shows a clip of her discussing Kayla's future with her. Kayla tells Miss D that she wishes to be like her someday. Tina gets emotional about Kayla leaving with Mimi.

Later on, there is a clip of Tina quizzing Mo on why Kayla returned home late the other night. Kayla and Mo try to negotiate Kayla's curfew to no success. Kayla brings out her and Mo's pet tortoise, Mario, to show her parents that she is responsible.

Season 3

In A Very Bring It! New Year, Kayla joins the mothers and Dianna for a game where she is the judge. Later in the show, she joins the mothers on the coaches, along with NaShumba, and gets asked about her transition from Captain to Assistant Coach. Kayla is given a gift from Miss D, which is a clipboard with the words "What Would Miss D Do?". Kayla shows off her gift when some of the Dolls join them by the couches.


  • Kayla was the first Captain of the Dancing Dolls featured on Bring It!
  • During You Better Bring It!, Kayla states that she wants to go to a performing arts college, and when she cannot dance anymore she would like to teach at a performing arts college
  • She once owned a dance studio.
  • Her mom still hangs out with the other DDP's.
  • She was one of the oldest in the doll family. Her boyfriend Mo asked her out for prom on the show. She was an assistant coach for dancing dolls until Torrey came
  • Kayla's favourite colour is purple
  • Kayla and her boyfriend, Mo, own a tortoise together called Mario

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