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Kayla's Big Surprise
Season 1, Episode 15
Episode Information
No. in Season 15
No. in Series 15
Air Date August 13, 2014
Location Jackson, Mississippi
Competition Name/Host Leave It On The Floor
# of viewers (in millions) 1.38
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"Kayla's Big Surprise" is the fifteenth episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on August 13th, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls compete against rivals in Jackson, Mississippi, where Miss D decides to attempt the team's first-ever lyrical routine. But the dancers struggle with the choreography. Meanwhile, Kayla gets a surprise from the team for her high school prom.


This weeks competition is in Jackson, Mississippi. There is Creative Dance and Stand Battle. The creative dance is lyrical.

Kayla's prom is this week and Kayla is worried that her boyfriend, Mo, has not asked her to prom yet. Outside the studio, Tina reveals to the mothers that she and Mo have come up with a plan for him to ask Kayla. They will give Dianna a signal and she needs to get Kayla out of the studio.

Later that night, Mo arrives and Tina calls Dianna to give the signal. Dianna calls Kayla over and asks her to go to Wingstop for her to get her out of the studio. Mo enters the studio and starts to set up his surprise for Kayla, he gets the girls to spell out the word 'Prom' using their bodies. Kayla returns with Miss D's food and Mo asks Kayla to prom, and she says yes.

The next day, Kayla and Sunjai go to the spa together and talk about Sunjai's plans; Sunjai wants to go to college and then to med school. Kayla remarks that this week's creative dance is more suited to Sunjai's dance style and Sunjai agrees but also expresses her desire to make it on to the stand battle team.

The next day, Kayla is at her prom and the team continue to practice for the creative dance. Over at Kayla's house, Kayla is getting ready for Prom. Terrell gives Mo a talk before he leaves with Kayla, reminding him of her curfew and saying they cannot go to any after parties.

On the day of the competition, we look in on Virtuous Divine practising; their theme for the creative dance is Salsa. Back with the dolls, the girls worry about the stunt at the end of the dance.

Creative dance is first and we see the Protégé All-Stars go first with a Jamaican themed dance. Next, the Golden Dazzlers go and finally Virtuous Divine. Finally, the Dolls perform their creative dance. The Dolls successfully perform the final move, the only worry was Kanarie over-kicked, but Alexis managed to catch her leg.

The team get ready for stand battle and decide to use old stands since they focused mainly on creative dance this week. Their only opponents are Virtuous Divine. One of the stands Virtuous Divine throw involves them holding one of their dancers in the air for a long time, confusing the Dolls as they didn't know whether to throw their next stand or not.

At the awards ceremony, the Dancing Dolls win both Creative Dance and Stand Battle.

Competing Teams


Stand Battle

  • Dancing Dolls vs. Virtuous Divine
    • Winners: Dancing Dolls

Creative Dance

  • Dancing Dolls - Lyrical Dance
  • Virtuous Divine - Salsa Themed
  • Protégé Jackson All-Stars - Jamaican themed Dance
  • Golden Dazzlers - Unknown themed Dance
    • Winners: Dancing Dolls


  • Despite Sunjai's Prom seemingly being two episodes ago (in Prom or Competition?) Selena enters the episode mentioning she was absent from the previous competition. This puts this episode right after Prom or Competition? and the previous episode, A New Rival Emerges, being after this one.
  • This will mark the first lyrical routine on Bring It!.
    • The music used for the routine was "Hall of Fame (feat." by The Script & The music was changed on the show due to potential copyright issues.
      • You can hear the song when it pans to Selena cheering in the crowd
  • This is the second episode to involve prom
  • Jay Fever hosts the event