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Divas of Olive Branch
Background Information
Started 2011
Affiliated Studio Dance Diva Studio
Director Neva McGruder
Appearance Information
First Appearance
Battle in Memphis
Last Appearance
Student information
Genders Female
Ages 5-17
Known Members TBA

Divas of Olive Branch are a dance team from Southaven, Mississippi. The team is lead by Neva McGruder.


Divas of Olive Branch was formed in 2011 by Neva McGruder in Southaven, Mississippi. The team is based in the Dance Diva Studio. The team consists of female dancers from the ages 5-17. The dance studio teaches Majorette dancing.

The head choreographer, Mario Shaw, has worked with Neva since 2002, co-founding the Divas of Olive Branch. Neva's daughter, Raven, works as a coach for the team. Raven was formally the Captain of the team.

Notable Members


  • Neva McGruder - Founder
  • Raven McGruder - Coach and former Captain of the team
  • Mario Shaw - Head Choreographer and Co-Founder


  • Diamond
  • Kayla
  • Lisa
  • Teejay


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • The Divas are well known for their use of props and costumes
  • The word Diva in the teams name stands for 'Divine, Inspirational, Victorious, and Anointed'

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