Dianna Williams
Dancing Dolls Head Coach
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 39
Date of Birth November 29, 1978
Occupation Choreographer
Dance Studio Owner
Studio Director
Affiliations Dollhouse Dance Factory
Dancing Dolls
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi
First Appearance
  You Better Bring It!
Friends and Family
Robert (Husband)
Cobe (Son)

Dianna Williams, also known as Miss D, is a Studio Director equan gilbert dancefrom Jackson, Mississippi. She is known as the tough as nails head coach on the hit Lifetime show "Bring It!" which follows her and her hip-hop majorette team as they battle others to become the best.

Miss D started dancing at 4 years old at the Angie Luke School of Dance. She is experienced in Ballet, Point, Jazz, Modern, Belly Dance and Tap. She joined several dance teams over her career.

Dianna has had a few dark moments in her life as when she was 19, she got involved in adult films. However, she conquered this chapter of her life thanks to her faith and passion for dance.

Miss D formed the Dancing Dolls in 2001. She graduated from Jackson State University in 2005 with a Degree in Criminal Justice, however, she shifted her focus to dance and opened Dollhouse Dance Factory in 2010. She has currently 101 enrolled students.

Miss D is not the one to mess with when it comes to competition. She pushes the girls because she wants them to succeed in life. Her secret weapon in practice is her clipboard when she is about to do cuts in practice ("If you don't get it right, I'm gonna cut you right in the ass.").

Dianna is married to her husband, Robert and has a son, Cobe. She finds it difficult to balance time as she not only has a family at home, but a family at the Dollhouse Dance Factory.

In season 2, she plans to push her Dolls to an even higher limit in order to win big and prove they are the very best. Miss D constantly fights the moms, who like to overstep her boundaries. Miss D is always there for her girls.

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