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Dancing Dolls
Background Information
Started 2001
Affiliated Studio Dollhouse Dance Factory
Director Dianna Williams
Location Jackson, Mississippi
Appearance Information
First Appearance
You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance
Student information
Genders Females and Males
Ages 5-11 (Baby Dancing Dolls)
10-17 (Dancing Dolls)
Known Members Kayla Jones
Camryn Harris
Sunjai Williams

Dancing Dolls are a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. The team is lead by Dianna Williams. They have a subteam, Baby Dancing Dolls.


The Dancing Dolls was formed in 2001 in Jackson, Mississippi by Dianna Williams. The team is based in the Dollhouse Dance Factory. There are two other studios, one in Birmingham, Alabama and one in Atlanta, Georgia.

The team consists of female dancers from ages 6-17; the Baby Dancing Dolls are aged from 6-10 and the Dancing Dolls are aged from 10-17.


The team has had 10 captain's since its inception in 2001: Khadijah, Monique, Ariel, Markitia, Mariah, Katt, Kayla, Camryn, and Crystianna and Makya.

There have been two instances where the team has had two Captains; the first was Katt and Kayla before Katt graduated from the team. Then Crystianna and Makya.

Notable Members


  • Dianna Williams - Head Coach and Founder
  • Torrey 'Mr Torrey' Issac - Assistant Coach
  • Kayla Jones - Assistant Coach
  • Marquell Seals - Head Coach of Birmingham Dancing Dolls



  • The Dancing Dolls are known for their stunts and technique
  • Krabs are dancers who have been on the team for less than a year; Old Heads are dancers who have been on the team for over a year

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