Princess Kelly, Crystianna Summers, Daija Wilson, Makya Griffin and Shakira are up for the Captain's Spot!

Faith Thigpen, Camryn Harris, Makalah Whisenton and more have graduated from the Dancing Dolls

On You better bring it!Edit

Bring It! features the Dancing Dolls team. Bring It! shows everything from their training to performing in competitions. They have several rival teams to compete against while also doing various events such as Parades. Their Coach is Miss D or Dianna Williams.

The Dancing Dolls competed in Stand Battle, Solo, Captain's Showdown, Field Show, Creative Dance, and Pom Pom categories. They have also teamed up with the Baby Dancing Dolls (The Younger version of the Dancing Dolls) for performances.

The process to audition is challenging. All dancers must re-audition even if they are already on the Dancing Dolls. If you desire to receive a captain position you must perform a solo that you choreographed yourself.

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