Crystianna Summers was born on June 20, 2002 in Jackson, MS to Valisa and Chris Summers. She is a dancer and has been since she was 5 yrs old. She joined the team then became apart of the Baby Dancing Dolls. She grew from then to become apart of the big Dancing Dolls on the first season of Bring It!. She then grew the nickname "Silent Killa" because she is really shy but when she steps on the dance floor, she kills the competition. In 2015, when she was 13 her dad passed away sadly due to gun shot wounds after getting shot several times at a gas station. Her mom, Valisa expressed her feelings about it in Season 5 episode "B-Squad Goals". Her best friends are Camryn Harris and Makalah Whisenton. She is one of the youngest vets their. Her best friends are called the Smurfs because Camryn, Makalah, and Crystianna were the smallest OG's.

Crystianna Summers
Background Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth June 20, 2002
Occupation Dancer
Studio Dollhouse Dance Factory
Affiliations Dancer


Hometown Jackson, MS
Favored Genres
Disfavored Genres
First Appearance
  You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance
  Season 8 or 7
Friends and Family
Valisa Summers (Mother)

Chris Summers (Deceased Father) Rittany (Aunt/God Mother)

(Unknown, But a lot)
Dancing Dolls Camryn Harris Makalah Whineston


  • Her culture is African- American
  • In 2015, she was crowned homecoming queen
  • She is a Gemini
  • She is photographed on the Dollhouse Factory
  • Her besties Camryn and Makalah have graduated already

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