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Crystianna Summers
Background Information
Nickname(s) Crystianna
Smurf #1
Silent Killa
Gender Female
DOB June 20, 2002
Age 19
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi
Team Dancing Dolls (former)
Divas of Olive Branch (former, one episode)
Alcorn Golden Girls
Occupation Dancer
Education Bailey APAC Middle School
Alcorn State University
Favoured Genres
First Appearance
  You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance
Friends and Family
Valisa Summers {mother)
Chris Summers (father)
Darrius Horton (brother)
Chris Summers (brother)
Phat Phat Summers (sister)
Christian Summers (brother)
Other Relatives
Rittany Anderson (aunt)
Camryn Harris
Makalah Whisenton
Kanarie Smith

Crystianna Summers is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is a former co-Captain of the Dancing Dolls alongside Makya Griffin in Season 5. Her mother is Valisa Summers and her aunt is Rittany Anderson.

Personal Life

Crystianna Ashanti Summers was born on June 20, 2002, in Jackson, Mississippi to Valisa and Chris Summers. She is one of 5 children; she has three brothers and a sister. Her aunt, Rittany Anderson, plays a large part in raising Crystianna along with Valisa after Crystianna's father passed away in 2015.

Crystianna began dancing when she was five years old and joined the Dollhouse Dance Factory as a Baby Dancing Doll. She became one of the Dancing Dolls on the first season of the show. During the show's first season, she became Head Drill Master. She is close friends with Camryn Harris and Makalah Whisenton, naming their trio "The Smurfs". During Season 5, she becomes head co-Captain along with Makya Griffin.

When she attended Bailey APAC Middle School, Crystianna was a member of the Knights cheerleading team. She graduated from the Dancing Dolls in 2020 and is now a freshman at Alcorn State University where she also dances as an Alcorn Golden Girl with Makya, Tanesha, Star, and Sky.

During Bring It!

Season 1

In You Better Bring It!, Crystianna shows up to the competition without Rittany. She is unsure where her aunt is and Crystianna gets upset in the dressing room. She asks Mimi to call Rittany and ask her where she is. Mimi does not manage to reach Rittany and Crystianna's worry increases. Eventually, Rittany shows up and Miss D scolds her for bad parenting.

In Battle in Memphis, Crystianna struggles during cuts for Stand Battle. Miss D gives Crystianna some criticisms and Rittany gets angry and storms inside the Dollhouse to confront Miss D. Miss D walks Crystianna and Rittany out of the Dollhouse. Rittany and Miss D get into an altercation outside. Rittany leaves practice with Crystianna and questions her on why she wants to stay on the team. Crystianna says that the team is the best so she wants to be on it. Both Crystianna and Rittany return home upset. The next day, Crystianna and Camryn are on a walk and discuss the previous night. The night before the competition, Crystianna returns to practice much to her friend's delight. Miss D gets the Dolls to welcome her back by them all saying "Welcome Crystianna". On the day of the competition, Crystianna dances a bit too fast during the Field Show. Miss D pulls Crystianna aside after the Field Show and explains why she is so hard on her in practice.

In The Wig is Off, Crystianna struggles during practice for the African dance, who ultimately does not get cut.

In The Finale: Battle Royale, Crystianna and Camryn audition for the APAC. They must wait a few weeks for their results. Although not shown on the show, Crystianna does not get accepted by APAC for dance, only for academics.

In Miss D Breaks It Down, Crystianna, Kayla, Camryn and Sunjai do a short performance on the show and demonstrate some of the Dolls' signature moves. Crystianna demonstrates the 'rollover into a back bend'.

In So You Wanna Be a Doll?, Crystianna intends to audition to be Drill Master. She performs her solo to Rittany a couple of nights before her audition. On the final day of try-outs, Crystianna is the first to audition however, she forgets her solo in the middle of dancing and stops. She resumes dancing a few moments later and successfully finishes her routine. Crystianna is awarded the role of Drill Master.

In Nashville Smackdown, Crystianna is chosen to be part of the Trio, which wins at the competition.

In Bucking for Revenge, Crystianna is one of the girls who find the baby monitor the DDPs planted inside the Dollhouse.

In The DD4L Tour, Crystianna is one of the Team Captains for the tour. On the second day of the first stop of the tour, Crystianna becomes ill and has to go to the emergency room, leaving Caleda in charge of her team. Crystianna returns on the final stop of the tour. Crystianna cuts a disrespectful dancer from her team, which impresses Miss D who is glad to see Crystianna be more vocal. Crystianna's team battle Kayla's team in the first round and lose.

Season 2

In Miss D Loses Her Cool, Crystianna tries out for the hip-hop trio but fails to be chosen.

In Bucking In Bama, Crystianna shows up late to practice because she was at cheerleading. Later on, we see Rittany and her mother, Valisa, in the stands during one of her performances with her cheerleading squad. Crystianna is reminded by Miss D that it is against the rules for her to do Cheerleading if she is a member of the Dancing Dolls. The next day, Crystianna acts as a judge for Camryn's solo practice. Crystianna performs well at the competition and is praised by Miss D. She is also told that Miss D will be keeping an eye on her due to the cheerleading controversy.

In Traci's Revenge, Crystianna plays one of the escaped convicts in the creative dance routine.

In Captain Down, Crystianna is one of the five girls chosen to perform in the creative dance.

In Don't Do It, Neva, Crystianna is chosen to perform the solo this week. Her solo is Egyptian themed and she performs well in practice. She performs her solo second in the competition and ends up winning first place in the solo category.

In Battle Royale 2015, Crystianna auditions for DeSales University. She is the third girl to audition.

In Rival Rehash, Crystianna finds out she was awarded a scholarship worth $20,000 from DeSales University.

In A Whole New Doll Game, Crystianna battles Camryn to become captain for the week and succeeds as she has more power than Camryn. Crystianna is given a motivational talk from Kayla before the competition. Crystianna goes on to lead the team to first place in Stand Battle.

In Selena's Makeover Madness, Crystianna is battling Makalah this week for the Captain's position. Makalah wins their battle and becomes the Captain.

In The Big Apple and the Bitter Apple, Crystianna is one of the six girls chosen to go to New York. Crystianna is also chosen to be part of the trio for the competition. Then she participates in the Captain's Battle for the week. Crystianna performs well and is rewarded with the Captain's position. The trio is cut from the competition due to the lack of time available to practice it but Crystianna does lead the team to victory in the Stand Battle.

In Who You Callin' Cookie?, Crystianna is one of three dancers chosen to participate in the Captain's Stand Battle at the competition. During their practice for the Stand Battle, she messes about with the other two girls which angers Miss D. At the competition, however, the Dolls do win the Captain's Stand Battle.

In Summer Slam, Crystianna is named as one of the Head Co-Captain's for the Dolls, the other being Makalah.

Season 3

In A Very Bring It! New Year, Crystianna joins Miss D, the mothers and Kayla in the studio and Rittany shows Crystianna the gift she received earlier in the show.


  • She was photographed for the Dollhouse Dance Factory
  • She joined the Dancing Dolls when she was 9 years old.
  • She was named Captain in 2019 along with Makya
  • She is now a student at Alcorn State University.
  • She is the longest-running member of the Dollhouse Dance Factory.
  • She also does cheerleading
  • She then grew the nickname "Silent Killa" because she was really shy but when she steps on the dance floor, she always kills the competition.
  • In The Finale: Battle Royale, Rittany states that Crystianna has tried out four times already for APAC (The Academic and Performing Arts Complex) and has only ever been accepted for academics, but never dance.

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