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Camryn Harris
Background Information
Nickname(s) Cammie
Smurf #2
Sweet Xscape 2
Gender Female
DOB September 25th, 2000
Age 20
Hometown Jackson, Mississippi
Team Dancing Dolls (former)
Southern Fabulous Dancing Doll
Occupation Dancer
Education Germantown High School
Southern University
Favoured Genres
First Appearance
  You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance
Friends and Family
Mimi Harris (mother)
Calvin Harris (father)
Tra (brother)
Crystianna Summers
Makalah Whineston
Kayla Jones
Caleda Cooper

Camryn Harris is a dancer from Jackson, Mississippi. She is the former Captain of the Dancing Dolls from Season 3 until Season 5. Her mother is Mimi Harris and her father is Calvin Harris.

Personal Life

Camryn Harris was born on September 25, 2000, in Jackson, Mississippi to Mimi and Calvin Harris. She has an older brother called Travius Harris.

She began dancing when she was six years old and joined the Dancing Dolls at the age of 10. In 2014, during the first season of the show, Camryn became Head Drill Master and then became Captain in 2015. She has been close friends with Makalah Whisenton and Crystianna Summers since they first joined the team, naming their trio "The Smurfs". She is part of the A-squad, which consists of the team's veterans.

She graduated from high school in 2018 and is currently studying at Southern University in Baton Rouge and is a Southern Fabulous Dancing Doll, moving onto her senior year in the fall of 2021.

During Bring It!

Season 1

In You Better Bring It!, Camryn features at the start of Kayla's solo, along with Crystianna and Caleda.

In Battle in Memphis, Camryn and Crystianna go on a walk where they discuss Rittany's outburst in the studio the previous night. Rittany got into an argument with Miss D and took Crystianna home from practice early. Camryn hopes that Rittany will allow Crystianna to come back to the Dolls.

The night before the competition, Crystianna returns to practice and Camryn tells Crystianna how happy she is that she is back.

In The Wig is Off, Camryn is given the solo for the week, much to Selena's dismay. Camryn comes to Selena's house to help Sunjai with the African dance. Camryn sees a lot of improvement in Sunjai by the end of the night.

During practice the night before the competition, Camryn practices her solo in front of the other Dolls and begins to cry when receiving critiques from Miss D. Camryn feels that she puts too much pressure on herself. Camryn's solo goes well at the competition despite her nerves. She wins the Solo category.

In "Baby" Doll Don't Mean "Baby", Caleda compliments Camryn's solo during practice. The day after, Camryn joins Kayla on a jog to discuss the pressures Kayla faces as Captain.

In Street Battle, Camryn is leading the Parade this week. Camryn struggles initially as she keeps walking off-centre, but improves by the end. After the Street Battle, Camryn is hit with a pom-pom from the other team, causing her mother to become angry.

In The Finale: Battle Royale, Camryn and Crystianna attend APAC auditions and have to wait a few weeks to find out the results.

In Miss D Breaks It Down, Camryn, Kayla, Crystianna and Sunjai perform a short dance and showcase some of their signature moves. Camryn performs the cat jump. She later joins her mother on the couches while Mimi answers questions about her.

In So You Wanna Be a Doll?, Camryn tries out for Head Co-Captain against Tamia. Camryn performs a solo incorporating jazz and ballet, which impresses Dianna. Tamia becomes Head Co-Captain and Camryn is awarded the Co-Captain position.

Camryn also finds out she did not get into the APAC although she is on the waitlist.

In Prom or Competition?, Camryn is one of the girls who encourage Sunjai to tell Miss D about her desire to go to prom. The morning of the competition, Mimi struggles to get Camryn out of bed. At the competition, Camryn is seen helping out some of the Krabs who are struggling with choreography.

In Nashville Smackdown, Camryn is chosen to be in this weeks trio, alongside Makalah and Crystianna. The trio wins their category.

In Dolls vs. Dollz: The Rematch, Camryn expresses her displeasure at the hip-hop dance, since it is not a dance style she enjoys. Camryn does not do well in practice but makes cuts anyway.

In Bucking for Revenge, Camryn steps up and helps out small groups of the Baby Dolls with the choreography for the parade. Tamia comes out and tries to help out Camryn's group and Camryn tells her to back off. Later on, Camryn, Makalah, and Crystianna find the baby monitor the others planted inside the Dollhouse.

In The DD4L Tour, Camryn is one of the team captains for the tour. On the first stop of the tour, in Atlanta, Camryn's team wins after beating Sunjai's team in the first round and then Kayla's team in the final round.

On the second stop of the tour in Nashville, Camryn's team is beaten by Kayla's team in the first round.

On the third and final stop in Detroit, before Camryn's team battles Sunjai's team in the first round, Camryn tells her team that she thinks it is unlikely that Sunjai's team will beat them as she goes over their stands. Ultimately, Team Sunjai beats Team Camryn and Sunjai's team moves on to the final.

Season 2

In Bucking In Bama, Camryn battles Tamia for the Solo this week, and due to the competition rules, the winner will also be the Captain of the Stand Battle. Camryn impresses Kayla and Miss D and wins the Captain's position this week, as well as the Solo. The next day, Camryn is practising her solo with Kayla, Tamia, Makalah and Crysyianna acting as a judging panel. Camryn struggles during her practice as she confuses some of the moves in her solo with some of the moves in the stands.

On the day of the competition, Camryn is confident before her solo and her mother is told to stay away from her, as Mimi is very nervous on Camryn's behalf. Camryn successfully performs her solo and returns to the dressing room tearfully happy. She achieves a perfect score for her solo, winning the category, and she leads the Dolls to victory in the Stand Battle.

In Stamp Out Atlanta, Miss D begins cuts for the battle squad on the first night and this puts pressure on Camryn, who struggles with the choreography slightly. Camryn does not get cut. Camryn is chosen to perform the solo this week. Camryn struggles with the choreography for her solo and Miss D yells at Camryn in anger. Camryn starts crying after being yelled at and Miss D tells her she cannot react like this to criticism, that she needs to be tougher if she wants to be Captain someday. Camryn then performs her solo again and forgets it partway through. Miss D pulls Camryn's solo from the competition as she does not believe Camryn is ready.

At the competition, Camryn watches on sadly as the Solo category is performed and she is not performing too. The Captain of the Purple Diamonds, Natalya, wins the Solo category.

In Captain Down, Camryn is one of the five girls chosen to be in the creative dance, which wins first place.

In Baby Tiger Attack, Camryn gives a motivational talk to Haleigh before her solo.

In Battle Royale 2015, Camryn is one of the dancers who audition for the scholarship for DeSales University.

In Rival Rehash, Camryn is informed that she has received a full-tuition scholarship from DeSales, after an emotional meeting between her and the judges.

In A Whole New Doll Game, Camryn and Crystianna battle to be this weeks Captain and Crystianna wins the position.

In Dancing Dolls NOT For Life, Camryn battles against Makalah for the Captain's position. Camryn is chosen to be Captain but is warned that if she messes up, then she will be quickly replaced by Makalah. During stand battle practice, Camryn struggles with keeping a high intensity during the stands which worries Miss D. At the competition, Camryn leads the team to victory in stands.

In The Big Apple and the Bitter Apple, Camryn is one of the six girls chosen to go to New York. Camryn is also chosen to be part of the trio but fails to be chosen as the Captain for the week. The trio is ultimately pulled from the competition as they did not have time to practice due to the trip to New York having delays.

In Saturday Night Fights, Camryn battles Makalah for the Captain's position this week and wins.

In Who You Callin' Cookie?, Camryn is one of the three dancers chosen to be part of the Captain's Battle in this week's competition. During their practice, she starts messing around with the other girls instead of practising which angers Miss D. The Dolls win the Captain's Battle in the competition.

In Pom Pom Panic, Camryn is chosen to do the solo, which is entitled 'Unleash the Beat', where she must act like a lion. She struggles with this character during her practice with Kayla but does well when performing at the competition. Camryn wins the solo category.

In Tick, Tick, Boom!, Camryn is named as one of the three main dancers in the running to become the next Captain, along with Makalah and Crystianna.

In Summer Slam, Miss D states that the next Captain will be chosen during the awards ceremony of the Summer Slam competition. Miss D tells Camryn to collect their trophy at the awards ceremony, thus naming her the next Captain of the Dancing Dolls.

Season 3

In A Very Bring It! New Year, Camryn joins the mothers, Kayla and Miss D on the show along with a few other dancers. Mimi shows her daughter the gift she was given earlier in the show.


  • Her parents separated when she was little but her parents both still are friends/acquaintances and continue to support and encourage her.
  • Calvin, her father, stated in Behind the Battles that Camryn has taken Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Lyrical dance lessons

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