Bucking for Revenge
Background Information
Episode Number 20
Date September 17, 2014
Competition Welcome to Tigerland
Opponents Dynamic Diamond Dolls
Ladies of Excellence
Dances Stand Battle
# of Viewers (in millions) 1.229
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Bucking for Revenge is the twentieth episode of Bring it! The episode will air on September 17, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls must contend with the largest field of competitors so far this season; Miss D takes a gamble on the Baby Dancing Dolls; Camryn and Tamia begin to bump heads.

Known Competing TeamsEdit

  • Dancing Dolls
  • Baby Dancing Dolls
  • Dynamic Diamond Dollz
  • Ladies of Excellence
  • LCDC
  • St. Louis Dazzling Diamonds
  • Diamonds of Essences All Stars
  • Black Envy
  • Dazzling Starlets
  • Sparkling Diamondettes
  • Divas of Distinction
  • Xtreme Creation
  • Dazzling Diamondettes


Stand BattleEdit

  • Dancing Dolls vs. Various Teams

Winners: Dancing Dolls

  • Dancing Dolls Vs. Dynamic Diamond Dollz

Winners: Dancing Dolls


  • Dancing Dolls + Baby Dancing Dolls
  • Ladies of Excellence
  • Xtreme Creation
  • Dazzling Diamondettes
  • Divas of Distinction
  • Diva Time Premire Steppers
  • Dazzling Diamond Dollz

Winners: Dancing Dolls


  • This episode features the most number of known competeing teams