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Season 1
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  Season 1
March 5, 2014 - April 30, 2014
Season 1.5
July 23, 2014 - Present
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Bring It! is an American reality television program centering around a Hip-Hop Majorette team, the Dancing Dolls. The show focuses on the team's demanding coach, Dianna "Miss D" Williams, as she pushes the dancer to their limits for dance glory. The show also places spotlight on some of the girl's mothers. The show debuted on March 5, 2014 with a Season finale airing on April 30th.

Lifetime announced Bring It! was renewed for an additional 10 episode Season 1.5  that will begin airing on July 23rd, 2014. On September 24, 2014, Bring it! was also renewed for a Second season which will air January 26th, 2014. Also, Bring It! will move from Wednesdays to Fridays starting with Season 2.

However, over the years the captains Camryn, Kayla, Crystianna and Makya have all left and went their seperate ways. Coach D (Dianna Williams) no longer lives in Jackson, Mississippi. Williams, has decided to bring her excellence elsewhere. Coach Dianna as well as former Prancing Tigerette captain Princess have decided to maintain themselves in Atlanta; within the Altanta Dollhouse. Princess who is now the Captain of the 3rd, official Dollhouse had previously just finished touring with the former dolls, Daija, Kenjanae, Star, Jaylene, Kayla Sunjay and many more. But let's not forget the head doll in charge, Dianna Williams who is the reason for it all.

The ShowEdit

Bring It! is centered around The Dancing Dolls, a Hip-Hop Majorette team from Jackson, Mississippi. The young dancers are coached by Dianna Williams, also known as Miss D, while watched carefully by thier mothers. The team competes in competitions and performs in parades. They compete in a variety of categories at each competition and strives to win 1st place. Edit




  • Makyra -Alumni Captain
  • Kay-Alumni-BDD Captain
  • Haighleigh-Alumni
  • Kimora-Current Doll
  • Half Pint-Former BDD Co-Captain
  • Mckenzie-Former BDD Captain+Current Doll
  • Oshay- Current Captain
  • Crystianna - Alumni
  • Sunjai - Alumni
  • Kaitlyn-Alumni Co-Captain
  • Sky-Star - Alumni
  • Camryn- Alumni Captain
  • Makya-Alumni Captain
  • Brianna- Current Co-Captain
  • Ken'Janae -Alumni Head Drill master
  • Kanarie- Alumni co Captain
  • Shakira -Alumni
  • Jaylene-Alumni


  • Tina - Mother of Kayla
  • Mimi - Mother of Camryn
  • Selena - Mother of Sunjai/Star/Sky
  • Valisa-Mother of Crystianna
  • Dana-Mother of Faith
  • Tanesha-Mother of Princess
  • Maraela-Mother of Jaylene

Captains Edit

  • Kayla- Seasons 1-2
  • Camryn- season 3-4
  • Makya- Seasons 5

dancing dolls team



Dance TeamsEdit

Featured Bring It! TeamsEdit

Featured Opponant Teams Edit

(Season 1)Edit

(Season 1.5)Edit

  • Prancing Tigerettes
  • YCDT SupaStarz
  • Virtuous Divine
  • Ladies of Excellence
  • Dynamic Diamond Dollz
  • DivasOB







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  • Bring It is Lifetime's 3 Dance Reality show currently aring. The other two are Dance Moms and Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.
  • Bring It! was renewed on April 28, 2014, two days before the Season Finale
  • The first season was filmed sometime in 2013 and the second half of the season resumed filming sometime in 2014
  • Currently, The Finale: Battle Royale is the most watched episode of Bring It! with 2.30 million viewers tuning in
  • The least watched episode is Behind the Battles with 0.83 million viewers

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