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Battle in Memphis
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode Information
No. in Season 2
No. in Series 2
Air Date March 12, 2014
Location Memphis, Tennessee
Competition Name/Host Cowborette Jamboree
# of viewers (in millions) 1.09
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"Battle in Memphis" is the second episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on March 12th, 2014.


The Dancing Dolls head deep into hostile territory to battle some of the best dance teams in the South in Memphis, Tennessee. Rittany gets fed up with Dianna's harsh teaching style and pulls Crystianna out of rehearsal.


This week's competition is in Memphis, Tennessee at the 'Cowborette Jamboree'. There is Stand Battle and Field Show, however, only Stand Battle is being judged.

Rittany enters the Dollhouse to talk to Miss D and apologises for their argument last competition although points out that Dianna said things that Rittany didn't like. Dianna doesn't take this well and asks Rittany to leave to the studio. Outside the studio, Rittany complains about her discussion with Dianna to the other mothers. Selena sides with Dianna which leads to Rittany and Selena getting into an argument.

Cuts for Stand Battle begin and Cunjai is cut early on. Crystianna also struggles during practice resulting in Rittany storming in to shout at Miss D. Miss D walks Rittany and Crystianna outside the Dollhouse. This leads to Rittany and Miss D pushing each other around and thus Rittany leaves practice with Crystianna. In the car, Rittany asks Crystianna why she wants to be on the team when they treat her badly. Crystianna says the team is the best, so wants to be on it. Rittany takes Crystianna home, the both of them still upset. At the end of practice, Mimi comes inside to talk to Miss D about Rittany. Mimi also mentions how it is Sunjai's mother who pushes Sunjai to be on the battle squad, not Sunjai herself. Later that night, Dianna's husband, Robert, convinces Dianna to call Rittany to talk through their issues. However, it ends in another disagreement.

The next day, Camryn and Crystianna are on a walk and discuss the events of the previous night. Camryn tells Crystianna that she hopes Rittany will allow her to come back to the team.

The night before the competition, the mothers are wondering where Rittany is, as she has not arrived for practice. Dianna has a discussion with Sunjai about her motivation's for wanting to be on the Stand Battle team. Sunjai assures Dianna she wants to be on the team but says she struggles with memorizing the stands. Dianna reiterates this and tells Sunjai to continue working hard on these issues. Rittany finally arrives at practice with Rittany which makes the other mothers happy. When Crystianna walks through the door, Dianna tells the girls to say "Welcome Crystianna". Camryn tells Crystianna how happy she is that she is back at practice. Dianna reveals that the team received a message that morning from the Divas of Olive Branch claiming the battle is already won, which doesn't worry the team.

On the day of the competition, the host announces that each team selected one judge for the competition and that there are six teams. The team first perform the Field Show and Dianna notices that Crystianna starts dancing too fast, but overall the performance went well. The Stand Battle is next and before it begins, Dianna pulls Crystianna aside. She tells Crystianna that she is being hard on her in practice because she believe that Crystianna can be better that she already is. The battle begins and the Dolls battle the Divas of Olive Branch first. The one of the captains of the Divas messes up during a stand. During the Divas next stand, their Puppet-Master stand, the dancers open their legs which the Dolls and Dianna don't like.

The battle ends and the host turns to the judges for their ruling. The first three judges vote for the Dolls and the next three judges vote for the Divas. Then the host turns to the seventh judge who votes for the Divas, so the Dolls are knocked out. Dianna is angered that there is a seventh judge as there is only meant to be six judges sue to there being only six teams. Dianna goes to confront the host of the competition about this and the host states that she announced there were seven judges at the start of the competition. This was untrue as shown in a flashback clip. Quincy can be seen backing Dianna up in the argument and John is seen trying to separate Dianna and Quincy from the host, Vern, and Neva. Quincy sides with Dianna as he also believes that there should not have been a seventh judge. Dianna returns to the dressing room and finds the girls are in tears. Miss D tells the girls to dry their tears and that they need to use this as motivation to do better next time.

Competing Teams


Field Show (Not Judged)

  • Dancing Dolls and Baby Dancing Dolls

Stand Battle

  • Prancing Tigerettes vs. Golden High Steppers
    • Winners: Prancing Tigerettes
  • Dancing Dolls vs.  Divas of Olive Branch
    • Winners: Divas of Olive Branch
  • Dancing Cloverleafs vs. Dynamic Diamond Dollz
    • Winners: Dynamic Diamond Dollz


  • This is the first episode to feature a Field Show
  • This is the first episode we see Robert Williams
  • This is the first time we see the team lose
  • This is the debut episode for the Divas of Olive Branch and the Prancing Tigerettes, however, we do not see the Prancing Tigerettes perform until The Wig is Off.
  • Dynamic Diamond Dollz are mentioned in this episode but we do not see them perform until The Lock-In
  • At this competition, each competing team provides one judge. However, the competition organiser provided a seventh judge which caused a heated argument between Dianna and the competition organiser.
    • Dianna gets into a heated argument with the competition organiser and is pulled away by Quincy, the coach of the Prancing Tigerettes, who then joins in the argument and agrees with Dianna. Coach John from Dynamic Diamond Dollz can be seen standing between Quincy and the organiser in an attempt to break up the fight.
    • The competition organiser claimed to have announced at the start of the competition that there would be seven judges, however as shown through flashback clips, that is not the case.