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Baby Dolls vs. Baby Tigerettes
Season 1, Episode 17
Episode Information
No. in Season 17
No. in Series 17
Air Date August 27, 2014
Location Vicksburg, Mississippi
Competition Name/Host Buck Hard or Go Home Competition
# of viewers (in millions) 1.27
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"Baby Dolls vs. Baby Tigerettes" is the seventeenth episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on August 27th, 2014.


Miss D shows the Baby Dancing Dolls some tough love as they prepare to battle their rival, the Baby Prancing Tigerettes. Meanwhile, the Dancing Doll Parents perform a full routine at competition; and Rittany struggles to keep up with the rest of the squad.


This week's competition is in Vicksburg, Mississippi at the 'Buck Hard or Go Home' competition. This competition only involves the Baby Dancing Dolls and the Dancing Doll Parents. There is Baby Stand Battle and Parents Field Show.

Practice begins with the Baby Dancing Dolls' Stand Battle and Miss D does cuts. Miss D is critical to one of the smallest babies, Bailey, making her cry. Kayla starts helping the babies with stands and Miss D yells at another Baby Doll, Arianna, who is disrespectful to Miss D.

Miss D moves on to rehearsals with the Parents and she says the Dolls need to help their mums out. JJ, Terrell, and Calvin are being loud outside so Dianna goes to investigate. JJ asks Dianna if he can show her an 8-count so she can judge if she can include it in the routine. Dianna agrees and goes back inside. Back with the mothers, Dianna decides she needs to do cuts.

The fathers come inside to show their dance, The mothers say they don't want the dads in the routine, but Dianna says they would be a good addition, so long as they all dance with their wives or ex-wives.

The day of the competition is here and all the teams start preparing for the competition. The Dolls sit in the stands and discuss how their parents are going to do today. The Parents Field Show category is first and Virtuous Divine Parents go first. Then the DDPs are next and the crowd loves them, especially the addition of the Dads.

The next category is the Baby Stand Battle, the Prancing Tigerettes only have two dancers on their stand battle team. At the end of the battle, the judges are undecided so ask to have a tie-breaker round.

At the awards ceremony, the winner of the Parents Category is the DDPs and the winner of the Stand Battle is the Baby Prancing Tigerettes. The Baby Dancing Dolls are upset with the loss but the Parents and Dianna praise and motivate them to try harder for next time.

Competing Teams


Stand Battle

Parents Field Show

  • Dancing Doll Parents 
  • Virtuous Divine Parents
    • Winners: Dancing Doll Parents


  • For the first time, the Dancing Dolls are not featured in an episode.
  • Dancing Doll Parents (DDP) compete by themselves for the first time
  • The Baby Dancing Dolls, for the first time on Bring It!, compete in Stands.
  • The Baby Prancing Tigerettes only competed with 2 girls.
    • We see Princess in this episode again, as part of the Prancing Tigerettes.
  • Twantza performs with the parents