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Baby Dancing Dolls
Background Information
Started 2001
Affiliated Studio Dollhouse Dance Factory
Director Dianna Williams
Location Jackson, Mississippi
Appearance Information
First Appearance
You Better Bring It!
Last Appearance
Student information
Genders Females
Ages 6-10
Known Members Kayla Griffin
Taelar Felton
Kaylen 'Half Pint' Hudson

The Baby Dancing Dolls are a dance team from Jackson, Mississippi. The team is lead by Dianna Williams. This is a sub-team of the Dancing Dolls.


The Baby Dancing Dolls was formed in 2001 in Jackson, Mississippi by Dianna Williams. The team is based in the Dollhouse Dance Factory. The team consists of female dancers from ages 5-11.

Notable Members



  • Kayla Griffin - Former Captain in 2014, graduated to the Dancing Dolls
  • Taelar Felton - former Baby Dancing Doll, left the team to pursue Basketball
  • Destini Richardson - former Co-Captain from January 2014 (season 1), graduated to the Dancing Dolls
  • Haleigh Johnson - former BDD and DD, no longer a Dancing Doll
  • Kaylen "Half Pint" Hudson- former Co-Captain and former Doll due to moving away from Jackson
  • Mady Winters - former Co-Captain in 2019 and currently a Drill Master in the Dancing Dolls
  • Kyla Smith - former Baby Dancing Doll, left the team to pursue basketball. Sister to former Dancing Doll Caleda Cooper

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