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A New Rival Emerges
Season 1, Episode 14
Episode Information
No. in Season 14
No. in Series 14
Air Date August 6, 2014
Location Jackson Mississippi
Competition Name/Host Just Dance
# of viewers (in millions) 1.51
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"A New Rival Emerges" is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of Bring It!. It first aired on August 6th, 2014.


A Miami dance team challenges the Dancing Dolls. Meanwhile, Miss D tries to spice up the troupe's Beyoncé-inspired number; and Selena learns she may be cut from the routine.


This weeks competition is in Jackson, Mississippi at the 'Just Dance' competition. There is Creative Dance and Stand Battle. The creative dance is Beyoncé themed.

Practice begins with the Dolls creating a remix of their Dog Walking stand. Then we move over to look at the SupaStarz practice and they are creating a stand aimed at the Dolls dog walker stand called 'Hush Puppy'.

Back with the Dancing Dolls, they begin work on their creative dance. They work on an intricate chair section of the routine. The parents show off their Beyoncé-style walks outside. Miss D decides to use the DDPs in the creative dance routine and the parents walk in confidently. Dianna teaches the parents their section of the dance and begins doing cuts. Tina, Mimi, and Selena all make cuts.

Creative dance is first at the competition. The YCDT SupaStarz perform and Dianna complements their performance. Next, the Dolls and the DDPs are performing.

Finally, we move on to the Stand Battle. The only competitors are the SupaStarz. The SupaStarz throw a stand dissing Kayla and also the 'Hush Puppy' stand.

At the awards ceremony, the Dolls win the Creative Dance and the SupaStarz win the Stand Battle. Back in the dressing room, Dianna tells the Dolls how impressed she was with the Creative Dance, however, she tells the Dolls that they lost their poker face during the Stand Battle which they need to learn not to do.

Competing Teams


Stand Battle

  • Dancing Dolls vs. YCDT SupaStarz
    • Winners: YCDT SupaStarz

Creative Dance

  • Dancing Dolls + Dancing Doll Parents: Beyoncé-inspired Routine
  • YCDT SupaStarz
  • Ladies of Sparkle
  • Magnificent Marching Models
  • Protégé Jackson All Stars
    • Winners: Dancing Dolls


  • Only YCDT SupaStarz and Dancing Dolls competed in Stand Battle
  • This is the debut of the Dancing Doll Parents.
  • This is the debut episode for the YCDT SupaStarz
  • Jay Fever hosts this competition
  • The YCDT SupaStarz perform wearing face masks. We can see throughout the performance that a few of the masks are falling down some of the dancers' faces, impairing their vision