A New Rival Emerges
Background Information
Episode Number 14
Date August 6, 2014
Competition Just Dance
Opponents YCDT SupaStarz
Dances Stand Battle
Creative Dance
# of Viewers (in millions) 1.51
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A New Rival Emerges is the fourteenth episode of the first season of Bring It! It aired on August 6th, 2014


A Miami dance team challenges the Dancing Dolls. Meanwhile, Miss D tries to spice up the troupe's Beyoncé-inspired number; and Selena learns she may be cut from the routine.

Known Competing TeamsEdit


Stand BattleEdit

Creative DanceEdit

  • Dancing Dolls + Dancing Doll ParentsBeyoncé-inspired routine
  • YCDT SupaStarz
  • Ladies of Sparkle
  • Maginficent Marching Models
  • Protege Jackson All Stars
    • Winners: Dancing Dolls


  • Only YCDT SupaStarz and Dancing Dolls competed in Stand Battle
  • This marks the debut of the Dancing Doll Parents.

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