Why is Kayla's age listed as 18, when in fact her birth date is June of 1993, thereby making her 22..

With Kayla being 21 at the time of graduation, she earned her diploma from an adult education program, not your typical high school graduation..In addition, I believe it was last season when Kayla mentioned her boyfriend being in the 10th grade..This would make him in the neighborhood of 14-16yrs years of age..

With Kayla being 21, possibly 20 at the time of filming, (22 now), how has it become acceptable, both ethically and legally, to have been dating a BOY, 14-16 years of age??? This would mean she's in the neighborhood of 5-7yrs older!!! In most if not all states, this is considered statutory rape..Why hasn't she been taken to task? A man would NEVER get away with this..Never-Never..If I'm off with my numbers, or have gained my info from an incorrect site, please somebody correct me with verifiable facts...Thank you